Bad Skin Habits?

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  1. So I have seen a few bad habits threads.. spending too much or whatever.

    But what are your bad skin habits? And what do you do to save yourself from them?

    So I shall start...

    I have this HORRIBLE habit of popping my pimples. I completely love to do it (i know its disgusting) but Im so obsessed. If i notice one on my face I will think about it all day. Especially if Im at work, I will rub it and cant stop touching it until I pop it. Im sooo gross, I know.

    But I dont know what to do to stop myself or saaaave my face. HELP?
  2. I know they always say not to pop them, but I think that's because people pop them with their hands and get bacteria in there. Then it creates scarring and infection. If you go to a dermatologist, they pop them. So I don't think popping is always bad. I do it with a sanitized extractor tool and I've never had a problem :shrugs:

    My bad skin habit is that I'm always touching my face! I always do this: :girlsigh:lol. Not the sighing part, but the hand on my face part. I don't even realize I'm doing it! I always wake up with my hands under my face, too :tdown:
  3. ughhh, im a popper too. DF always catches me. lol, he hates it!
  4. there are worse habits than that ! if you just pop it and disinfect, you should be fine !

    now my SO on the other hand keeps scratching his forehead pimples like crazy, I literally hit his hand if I spot him doing so, he knows its driving me mad because he got himself a few tiny scars. Its his way of stressing out...
  5. I am like ClaireZk, I touch my face all of the time - especially at work when I am stressed or deep in thought (about purses LOL) - I try and catch myself, but doesn't often happen <sigh>
  6. Another bad habit is not taking makeup off @ bedtime. I've always done this but just went to a Mary Kay party the other night. Very surprised some of the habits others have. That was one of them. I was even going to start a thread on this. One co-worker of mine said she hates wearing foundation because she can't be bothered washing her face at night - too much trouble:confused1: The next day I asked her about that because I thought she looked fantastic when the MK rep put foundation on her. She said her dermatologist said she should only wash her face once a day.
  7. Oh, I always do that too! If my hands aren't occupied, they're on my face or my neck. I should probably stop, who knows what's on my hands.
  8. HAHA I totally have all of these habits. i touch my face too much and i have a bad habit of consistently washing my face.

    i feel so bad for my face, i put it through so much.

    well i pop then sanitize. i wash my face before and after i pop them. but the problem is that its not just my face..if i see a pimple on anyones face i get the urge to pop really bad. i will like stare at it.. and even ask people (my boyfriend, my sister, my friends.. not strangers) if i can pop their pimples. hahaha its really sick i know
  9. haha i swear we are a like! this was going to be mine! i always find myself touching my face too!
  10. I also touch my face.

    And a lot of the time i'm too lazy/forget to moisturize my face, and I have dry skin that needs it.
  11. I'm the complete opposite. No matter what I won't touch it, I will put a hot faceclothe to try to open but I'll let it run its course and that could be up to a week - Yuck! I've always heard NEVER touch any pimples on your face as that could leave scarring?

  12. It's good to know I'm not alone in this world!! I do this all the time.
  13. Haha I stare which I shouldn't but I definitely don't like to pop unless they're my own. I don't even want to touch my boyfriend's when he gets them.

    I do however, love to squeeze his nose. He has a ton of blackheads and it's so fun to watch them come out. I even use the hand held carpet steamer to open his pores.

    My bad habits are not moisturizing at night even though I've been much better lately. I do tend to touch my face quite a bit during the day-mainly cause I started using new cream and I'm amazed how soft it feels.

    I always wash my face though, that's my best habit. Amazingly on those nights I stumble in from having too many champagnes with the girls the next morning I find my handbag hung up, shoes back in the box and make up washed off:nuts:

  14. nah it will leave scarring if you keep squeezing and scratching it..but if you just pop and disinfect and let it heal nicely, it will be fine...coming form a long time pimple popper not only on myself but on all poor BFs I have had LOL
  15. scratching face :sad: Trying to control myself now by typing more in forums and keeping my fingers busy.