bad service..!!

  1. well the other day my mom and i went into this licensed beauty alliance..where they sell hair products and stuff like that for licensed users only..

    my mom, my little sister and i walked in..they didn't even greet us..!

    we was lookin around..they didn't even asked if we needed any help..they juz sat there and kept talkin to each other..

    i was lookin at hair colors..and i told them i have a question..they juz looked at me..i was like ah well my question is "blah blah blah" and they juz gave me a quick five seconds answer and started talkin to each together again..!!

    i was like "ah ok..?!?"

    very rude..!! we juz walked out..!!

    i should have called and made a complaint..!!!!! :yucky:
  2. Just before walking out you should have said " hey, thanks for all your help!! and say it with sarcasm. How rude of them!!
  3. haha i agree... i would of been like " thank you for your help"

    never go back!!
  4. I hate that when people do that. You go into a store and while they are busy socializing, you have a question or are ready to pay, but they think they are too cool to jump to your service(even though that's what they get paid for), and then they are mad at you for interupting their conversation.
  5. I hate to say it, but that is becomming more common, and it is often young females doing it.
  6. That is just so lame and it really bugs me when workers do that! - they obviously don't care - their loss!
  7. its not too late to call and complain, i would! every time i walk into a high end retail store i get ignored because i look 15

    stand up for yourself, hun

    call and complain!

    my bf and i were car shopping at the bmw store in my area and we got COMPLETELY ignored. little did they know my bf had the cash for the downpayment in his wallet, and he was ready to PURCHASE the car asap.. he made a complaint and they gave him an amazing deal on the car because it turned out the owner knew my bf's MOM and she was furious that they disrespected her son!

    ok did that make sense? im tired..
  8. ugh.. i hate this. it happens to me a lot too.
  9. Thats when I walk out and give someone else my business. I work too hard for my money to give it to someone who doesn't value my business.
  10. Some people are sooooo rude! Ugh. This happens to me quite often as well. Don't sweat it though; just take your business elsewhere.
  11. I appreciate this post today, I've just recently decided or shall I say accepted that with no kids in our plans there's no reason not to spend more on our selves and buy some more luxury items with our budget than we have in the past. So I have been spending more time at the upper end stores, doing "research" and making a few purchases. I have definitely noticed some attitudes, and less knowledable staff than I would have expected to be at some of these places. Mind you maybe I'm just not hitting the right spots yet. So just wondering ... do I buy what I like despite the service, or buy where I like the service best :smile: ... ideal would be buy what I like where the service is great .. not convinced I've found that combination yet. Here's an example, we have a Louis Vuitton Boutique in the Galleria and one down the mall in the Nieman Marcus --- the Mall Boutique has more items, but the staff seem so much more helpful in the Nieman store ... lol just wondering about other's experience and if it makes a difference to them where they shop. Also starting to wonder if I should check out Gucci for my future shopping fun, sure do like the items I have from them as well.
    Sugar Land Shopper beginning to bloom :smile:
  12. :smile: I always talk when I'm on the sales floor. I love the women/girls I work with, and except for a few of them I only get to see them at work! Being friendly with coworkers makes us happier and creates a better work environment. I've found customers usually respond well to us whenever we're having a conversation, as I usually try to initiate convos with the customers anyways ( instead of throwing out sales pitches.)

    Just because it's work doesn't mean we can't have fun!

    Also, are you a liscensed hair dresser? If not, perhaps they were rude because they were annoyed that you were shopping somewhere you're not supposed to.

    I always go to Sallys to get hair colors, and the -SWEETEST- older woman works there. She always helps me and asks me about my life, she's sooo sweeeet.

    I rarely have a bad customer service experience because I work retail and I know exactly what people hate and what they like. Be pleasent, treat them like human beings and not slaves, and definitly don't throw a hissy fit because we're not all over you-- we're usually just trying to not overcrowd.



    never complain unless you want to be responsible for threaening or ruining someone's job. Your momentary discomfort caused by a lapse in someones judgement, should not result in them being terminated or reprimanded- unless the service was beyond abysmal.