Bad service at Barneys New York. Is it rude or not? Please advise.

  1. Hi, I need some advice from all of you. I went to return a jacket at Barneys yesterday. And the person who helped me was very rude (in my opinion anyways). I gave the jacket to him and a receipt that came with it (it was an online order). Then he asked me if I have another receipt and I said no, that's the only one. Then he didn't say anything for a while. I asked a bit later if he needed my credit card and he said yes. So I gave it to him. Meanwhile there were an elderly couple waiting behind me ready with teir purchase. When the person who helped me saw them, he right away said that he's going to help them first. And I said sure (even though it's kinda weird cause he didn't finish with my return yet). I waited while he helped these customers and chitchated with them too (like the weather and whether or not they wanted to be in the mailing list, etc.) I waited for another 5 minutes then he went back to do my transaction. Is this common practice for a return where the customer who wanted to do a return has to wait in the middle of the transaction when there's other customer purchasing stuff???????
    While he's doing my transaction, he tried to put the security tag on the jacket but for some reason he couldn't do it and he kept trying (while I was waiting for the return receipt). I took maybe about 2-3 minutes trying to put the tag. He didn't say a thing thru the whole time. Then he threw my credit card in front of me... threw it literally. Then he punched some button on his register and a bunch of receipt paper came out but after he looked at it he said he's going to do the transaction over again. OMG. Then he asked for my credit card and when he returned it to me, he threw it at me again!!!!
    When he's done with my transaction, he didn't say anything and just walked away. The whole transaction took about 15 minutes.
    So,my question is what should I do? Should I report him? to who? My husband thinks that if I report him to his manager, the manager will not do anything at all. Is it too late to make a complaint anyways? OR I should just forget this whole thing (I mean it happens to some of us, right?...not just me). Thanks guys. Sorry if I said anything inappropriate.
  2. Geez...
    It was definitely rude of him to act like that. I don't know what gets into some people. If you work in customer service, retail, etc. it seems you might try to get along with people. In terms of reporting him-- I don't know. It is so against my personal nature to tell on people which is why I am trying to learn how to be more assertive in situations like this one.
    At a certain point, you just have to think, this is not about me. And don't let it ruin your day!
  3. What a rude jerk. Cfred is right, don't let it ruin your day. I have a friend who said the SAs at the Barneys here in Seattle are rude.
  4. If I were the sales associate and there was a situation like that, I would tell the couple this transaction might take awhile and I would send them to another cashier that could help them right away.

    You're the customer he was helping and even though your transaction might take a little longer, you were first so he should have helped you.

    Find out his supervisor in that section. Did he write his name on the reciept? Use that.

    That is NOT good customer service.
  5. report him right away he was rude and shouldn't get away with that
  6. Yes, rude. I would get the mgr's name and write or send an email, even if you don't use the SA's name. They should know that is going on in their department at a minimum.
  7. Report him immediately! Contact the manager of the store and lodge a complaint. The credit receipt should have the SA's employee number on it - they usually have to punch in their ID number to start any type of transaction, so the manager will be able to ID the rude employee.

    It was extremely rude of him not to finish your transaction first since you were there before those other people. It's not like the returned item will go against his own sales figures - he's only doing the return transaction.

    You should have said something right there and then but you were probably in SHOCK at his rude behavior!!!

    I think you should write down everything that took place (print out your posting or cut & paste it into a Word document) and send it to the Store Manager and tell them that you expect a reponse from the store. They need to talk to this employee - I bet this is not the first time that he has been rude to a customer!!!

    Let us know what happens!!! Good luck!!! Don't take any s**t from anyone!!!! You don't deserve it - no one does!!!
  8. Yes...It was Seattle!!
  9. Yes, I have his name in the receipt.
    You are right. I couldn't say anything at all because it's "Barney." I can't believe that Barney hire a rude person to be the SA. I was speechless untill I walked outside Barney. And I don't like to make a scene at all, but I just couldn't stop thinking about this incident.
    So I guess I have to call the store to find out the name of the manager because I couldn't find any info at their website. My husband thinks that I should write to the corporate if I want them to take some action. Is it too dramatic tho?
  10. Report it. In customer service you are there to provide service with a smile. If he can't do that he needs to take the day off or find a different job. There is no reason for that type of behavior.
  11. This does not excuse him one bit, but you have to remember, for people working in retail, the Christmas rush is the most stressful: long hours, coming in early, leaving late, not necessarily leaving on your scheduled lunch break, because every time you try to clock out for lunch another customer makes eye contact with you until at some point you just have to escape because I get hypoglycemic when I haven't eaten in a long time . . . .

    Sorry, I'm better now.

    Anyway, holiday shopping is really stressful for people in retail.
  12. My friend was just looking, and was told by an SA that they didn't carry anything in her size. And it wasn't at Christmas. Don't know which SA it was, however.
  13. ^^ Okay, THAT SA was being a bastard / *****.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao: your killing me caitlin!!
    you should've point blank asked if everything was ok, and put him on the spot, or asked for your stuff back and told him you'd bring it back to someone who had the time to deal with you and your return instead of being worried about making a register commision. SA never seem to amaze me, what ever the excuses are the bottom line is, you dont like your job, you dont like the holidays dont work retail there are plenty of jobs out there where you dont have to deal with the general public, hell go work at a morgue they dont ***** back!
  15. Nefridity, because it is Barneys you should talk to the manager about the incident ASAP. You are not being dramatic, just perhaps too considerate of them when the SA was not considerate of you. Never let anyone at a department store or at any other place intimidate you like that! Just explain the situation to the manager and emphasize how HE made you feel. They do care!

    A couple of weeks ago I came across a silky top that was marked down to ~$60 from $250 at Nordstrom's Rack. The SA had a very negative attitude when she saw the price and set the item aside. I asked if something was wrong and she said it wasn't ringing up right and she called someone. I waited and waited, then she paged someone from the women's dept. who came over and acknowledged the price was correct. After I paid, I asked if the top could be left on the hanger and she covered it with plastic. I left with my top and when I got home, I noticed she had tied the knot of the plastic in the middle of my silky top. The top was very wrinkled around the chest area.:sad:
    Then I got mad :cursing: because I realized that it wasn't a busy day and I was shopping early, so I knew she had not been there for hours taking care of other customers and even if she was a newbie at retail, it is common sense to tie a knot at the bottom, apart from the garment. I called the manager, explained the situation and she sincerely apologized and asked for the SA's # found on the receipt and promised she would bring it up to the SA. You will feel much better after you talk to someone about your incident with that SA. Good Luck!:smile: