Bad sellers

  1. I bought a coach bucket from a seller who listed the bag as in "excellent with no wear" condition. The pictures didn't show anything. When I got the bag, it had obvious scuffs (about 2") on the front and back.

    When I left my feedback, I put "neutral" and why I did.
    The seller was upset that I didn't contact him first. I'm sure he knew there were scuffs.

    Why should I have to quibble with him after he misrepresented the bag? And why should any other buyer either for that matter?

    I expected honesty. Now he is threatening to leave "appropriate" feedback for me. I wrote him back saying I paid immediately and did nothing wrong but be honest. I am so frustrated!

  2. Um. Well, you could have/should have contacted him/her and told them the situation. They may have worked with you and maybe send you a partial refund. Or even better, maybe let you return it for a full refund.

    But since you failed to even communicate with him, it shows that you are not willing to work things out.

    Honestly, I would have taken pictures, emailed the seller IMMIEDIATELY and asked either for a partial refund or a full refund if I thought a bag was damaged when I opened the package.

    Communication is KEY in dealing with people on any level, including eBay.
    You didnt even give him/her a chance.

    Maybe they didnt notice the scuffs. Maybe they thought it was part of the leather. Some Coach leather is this way. It scuffs and is not considered 'damanged'. And can usually be buffed out. That is just how it is. A scuff still can mean "excellent, no wear" condition IMO. Maybe it was all innocent on his part and not intential. But you never gave him a chance to even find out.
  3. ^^^I agree. I would freak if someone left me bad feedback without at least telling me the problem first. I always email the tracking number to customers and ask them to let me know when the package arrives and if they are happy. If I don't hear from them, I email them again, asking if they are happy.
    It doesn't seem fair that you didn't at least try to resolve the matter directly with the seller first.
  4. hit the nail on the head! So many buyers fail to contact sellers before leaving neuts and negs and then wonder why the seller explodes at them! Lack of communication is one of the biggest reasons buyers experience problems.
  5. I agree as well!

    A similar experience happened to me. I must of scratched a handbag as I was packaging it to ship to my buyer.

    When buyer emailed me about it (I felt terrible but these things do happen!), I told her she could return for refund or we could work something out.

    She really wanted the bag and we agreed to a credit.

    My point is these things happen now and then, and most sellers will work w/ you as they want you to be happy with your purchase!

    Good lesson learned!
  6. Maybe if you apologize to the seller for not contacting her first, she will agree to remove neg she is probably going to leave for you. You can add a comment below your first comment and maybe apologize there. If the both of you agree, the comments will remain but
    the neg/neutral ratings won't.
  7. Hi
    Your probable hate to hear this but maybe you should have contacted the seller. I have been there and have an item right now that they said EXCELLANT! It was a fake, pen marks all over and REEKED OF cigarettes ~ to say the least I was really disappointed, I did contact them with no luck ~ i waited a few days. I still have not left any feedback but am sending it back ~ I do agree with tonij2000 though ~ try and contact first. Who knows you may get a refund or a partial refund. Better to think positive and go from there! Linda
  8. I'm sorry to add yet another voice to the chorus, but I do agree that I would have contacted the seller first. I know it is frustrating but even if something was wrong with an item from a shop, you'd have to go and explain what it was and whether you wanted a refund or replacement. On eBay where so many transactions are at a personal level between individuals, it seems even more important to discuss problems before leaving feedback. Another thing I feel is that responding to concerns/complaints is as important, if not more so, than the rest of Ebaying, so if feedback is left without having given someone the chance to perform on a key criterion it seems a bit unfair.

    Hope this sorts out soon for you both.