Bad scene at the beauty shop....what would you have done?

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  1. Yesterday I was in for my monthly "color" and had put my Marina bag on an empty chair. While I was helplessly under the dryer, a lady came in and sat next to "my bags chair". She had a greasy ham biscuit and a can of soda.....which she promptly placed on MY bag's chair next to MY bag! All I could think of was...what if she dumps the soda or puts that greasy biscuit next to my bag... The Marina bag, as you know, is mostly zipper. Inside was my MJ zip clutch .....which I am equally careful about. All I could do was stare at her and prepare to leap out from the dryer to save my bag. How would you have handled this situation? (There were plenty of other chairs for her to choose and I really feel that it's my obligation to protect my bag)
  2. Gahhh, that would have irked me so much. I would have said "Oh, I'm so sorry, let me move my bag for you". Even if I weren't able to grab it, my stylist would most likely move it since she's awesome and understands my phobia of anything getting my bags dirty ^^;
  3. I would have had to have got up and moved it, or directly asked the woman not to put her drink or food near my bag! I wonder if the salon insurance would cover your bag if another client damaged it.
  4. i dont bring my bags when i get my hair done... just a small tote or something. you always end up having to put it somewhere you dont want it at the salon.
  5. I definitely would have got up and moved the bag. Even if I didn't have a phobia about my bags getting dirty/ruined I would be curious why she felt the need to sit so close to my open top bag...
  6. I keep my bag on my lap when I go to the salon.

  7. I agree, that's probably the polite way to move your bag out of harm's way. Just move it for them rather than cause an argument.
  8. I too, would have moved it out of "ham's" way!!
  9. i havent had this problem yet! i purchased my first MJ bag last fall, and i havent had a cut/color since (im all natural baby)!

    i agree with "toki", that would irk me to the point where i'd have to get up and move my bag, politely, of course! :smile:
  10. I always keep my bag w/ me when I go to the salon as well - or another option is to keep it on the counter in front of my chair (if the bag is too large to take to the hair washing station.
  11.'re a hoot! "Hams way". That's so funny. Thanks to all of you for making me feel a little more normal about my total meltdown about my bag. Had I not been under the dryer with all the little foil strips flying everywhere, I probably would have gotten up and moved my bag (politely). As it was, I just sat and glared at her. I felt like a wuss (sp?)
  12. lmao at being parted from your bag, i will not even be separated because i don't trust other people to know what an expensive bag looks like. People say "oh, you have such a nice bag" well that nice bag costs 1200$, so I don't let other people even come close to it, admire it from afar is what i say
  13. ^^ i spent too much money the first time and don't feel like kicking someone's a$$ if they ruin my most priced possessions. lol

  14. LOL muggles!! You're too clever... I also thought of tadpolenyc's avatar of Ham from Toy Story! :lol:
  15. i would have freakeddd! HAHAHA
    but yeah i never take my expensive bags to the salon