bad SA's that don't deserve any of our businesses.

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  1. inspired by the poll started by designer307

    I will start, any female SA's at the HOLt renfrew in toronto chanel boutique, especially this tall asian one. don't know her name.
  2. ^^Good to know. A Chanel purchase is imminent for me - in Toronto. I'll definitely avoid these ladies. Gahd - I wish Toronto had better SA's. Even the "Good SA's" thread left me with little confidence. Sad.
  3. yep, not only the SAs are full of attitudes, the selection is no where near close to what they carry in the U.S...that's why many ladies buy from u.s., not becuase it's cheaper, but becuase of teh selection and the level of service.
  4. ^^^^FYI.... you are allowed to mention positive experiences w/ SA's on the board.

    You are NOT allowed to mention names associated with a negative experience. Beside it not being allowed it's not really necessary.
  5. i don't think there needs to be mudslinging and/or libel here. this thread needs to be closed, swanky! isn't it ENOUGH to JUST post the good SA's so we know who we can work with?
  6. i don't see the big deal about it, espeically if no name is mentioned, but if this topic is taboo'ed then, by all means, close the thread.

  7. ITA:yes:

    We aren't allowed to speak about people who give out bad service. As long as you are promoting the good SAs that will give people a guide as to people who have given one of use good service.
  8. It could possibly hurt someones feelings if a boutique or SA they shop with is mentioned. Just sayin'...
  9. I think this thread is okay. Im not saying we should bash anyone, but if we politely critique bad SA's, I feel its fine. If the SA is reading this, then maybe they will learn what they are doing is wrong to customers.
  10. Unless your SA is your mother, than I don't think it should hurt anyones feelings. I don't think anyone wants to bad mouth an SA. I think they are just frustrated with the service they received and want to vent to people who can appreciate their feelings. I completely agree with not mentioning specifics such as the SA's name, or even maybe the store, but this is a community where people share their passion and experiences, whether good or bad. (I am new to TPF don't forget, so I'm not completely sure of all of the rules yet.) I personally like hearing about other's shopping experiences whatever it may be. I look very young for my age, and on occasion, don't receive the best service from some SA's. It's nice to know that I'm not the only person this happens to.

    But, like I said I am new to TPF, and if this is against the rules, then you can expect total compliance from me. I have lots of wonderful experiences to share too!
  11. I talked to a great SA in NM kop , name was Stacy.
  12. I notice you are from Ontario - me too! If you've had wonderful CHANEL experiences, Bring 'Em On!! (There is a 'good chanel SA' thread - you should put them there...!)
  13. These types of threads ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  14. i seriously don't understand why some people are so offended by this thread. why aren't we allowed to talk about the bad, if no names are mentioned?
    anyhow, i wasn't aware of this rule, and by all means, moderator, as i stated previously, you're welcome to delete this thread if it is against the rules.
  15. We are not allowed to talk about this, because this can cause legal trouble not only for us, but for YOU. You all need to realize that freedom of speech is there- but there are laws that protect people from being defamed or spoken of negatively at times.

    We do not allow these threads because of legal reasons. I do understand that you want to get it out there- but until I have a completely clear answer from our lawyer, we can not allow these threads k?

    Thanks guys :flowers:
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Not open for further replies.