Bad SA, Swallow your pride and get the bag you want or stick to conviction and pass ?

  1. I explained a liittle what happened in my last post in this thread:

    To make a long story short, would you swallow your pride and go back to a shop where you have been treated in a very unfriendly and pushy way:cursing: but who are the only ones in the area who have the bag you really want.
    The idea just turns my stomack upside down...:yucky: but on the other hand I really want this bag...hmmm
  2. Buy online!! Look in Achtung.

    I'm a totally proud person:P:lol::upsidedown:

    I hate bad SA and to go back and buy from them just shows that they don't need to change their ways to make sales. YUCKY
  3. If it was the only store that had the bag and I was desperate for it I would go back and buy from a different SA (if that was possible). I don't like to support stores where I've received poor customer service (hence my ongoing Coach ban), but if I really, really wanted the bag I'd make an exception and swallow my pride. Good luck!
  4. Umm, but if you had conditioned the bag then it is not new? But obviously not nice to be talked down to by an SA. I would buy it mail order from them. Don't be intimidated by a SA!
  5. You're right but I did talk to her over the phone so she didn't know that (I also wanted to know in the light of further purchases 07 line etc.), and it was more her tone than the fact that they didn't want to exchange.
    I don't feel intimidated at all just mad, apart from that they don't take mailorders.
  6. Go back and give major attitude, who does that SA think she is???

  7. I can really relate! Yet, as so many others have said, YOU are the customer and she is a SA- therefore nothing superior to you. YOU are about to leave quite a bit of money there so you should be treated in a very respectful, polite manner!
    I hate it when that happens, though! Hope you go back and get it!:yes:
  8. Go back and demand to talk to the manager. Complain about the mix up with the first bag and your bad treatment when you called. Ask for either an exchange or a discount as it was their error and since you are paying top dollar you expect polite and curtious customer service. If they give you a hard time then I wouldn't buy the bag and look elsewhere. If you get the discount or exchange I say go for it.
  9. I'd either talk to someone else, or order online! Who needs the hassle, right?

  10. Thanks for all of your encouragement. The sad thing is it was the shopowner who was the pushy one to begin with. The SA I had on the phone is actually the manager. They only have one or two more young SA's.
    I'm a little disgusted, :yucky:shopping should be fun not a hassle and as much as I would love to get that bag I just don't want to support this kind of behaviour which meens not buying from them anymore. I need to cool down. These things always make me really mad!
  11. Go back and if she is still rude ask her why she is talking to you like that. It will soon shut her up and she will be nice as pie. When you confront someone who is being rude it makes them realise what they are doing.
  12. I don't think I ordinarily want anything enough to deal with someone who doesn't have decent manners. You can end up being reminded of her everytime you look at your new bag. Ugh.
  13. ^ i agree. i'm too proud to beg- i'd rather get the bag some other way than go back to a store that has treated me badly.
  14. You have a point here. That's what I'm fearing "a bitter aftertaste"!