Bad Rubber Soles Before & After...

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  1. I am BEYOND excited that I got them fixed. They turned out great compared to what they looked like.
    I bought the soles on ebay that were wayyyy too thick. I almost cried when I got them back looking like this.

    It was not the cobblers fault, he put them on nice, but they were too think, I think they looked a bit stupid. them fixed with Vibram soles...What do you think???
  2. The look 100x's better... :yes:
  3. WOW huge improvement!!
  4. I was soooo upset. I thought my Decolletes were ruined. Its not that easy to find them anymore. If you look closely, you can tell that they were painted a little, but much better from before. Before they looked like any old cheap pair.
  5. So much better!

    Didn't the cobbler grind down the original sole to put the thick soles on? Then how was he able to remove the thick red soles to replace it with vibram? Did he paint the CL soles red again then put on the vibram? He did a good job remedying it.
  6. The first ones are definately NOT 'yummy' :tdown:

    You know what I think about the vibram version (far superior).
  7. They were pretty worn down from me wearing them before, but he did grind them down under the CL name, when putting the thick ones on. When he took them off he re-painted the worn part then cut the new ones so you cant see them from the side, which he did to my other ones too.
  8. Its all thanks to you parixx....expect an order from me again in the next couple weeks. I have been putting them in my CL boxes for the future. :yes:
  9. I'm so glad it worked out! They look much better now. You can't tell at all from the pics!
  10. The cobbler can only grind down fairly lightly and just enough to give the glue a nice flat surface and a good 'key'. If he ground off too much he would seriously weaken the whole shoe.

    Any sole that is glued on can easily be removed by a cobbler. He uses a special tool to pinch one edge and then with strong hand pressure he peels the sole away.

    I agree, the cobbler did do a good remedial repair.
  11. I'm glad you changed your name, it's easy for me to remember - I added you in my favorites for future orders.
  12. Thanks, I did it because I did not want members getting me confused with Mrs. Yummy and then being bitterly disappointed.
  13. I'm so glad you were able to get them fixed. I would have freaked out if my shoe guy handed those first ones to me.

    Congratulations. :flowers:
  14. They look much better!
  15. wow , your shoes did a complete 180!!!
    they look awesome