bad posture

  1. I have pretty bad posture. Sometimes, although rarely, I do notice that I hunch over when I'm using the computer which is quite often. I tried wearing a semi tight hair band on my wrist to remind me to sit/stand straight but I always seem to forget. I was wondering if those posture braces really work? Is there another way for me to get good posture besides seeing a chiro?
  2. I'd like to know too! I always forget about my posture!

    I'm starting to look like Mr Burns from The Simpsons!
  3. Well, you could do what I did: take up the violin and play in a community orchestra. You'll be sitting stick straight in no time! :wlae:

    While I was mostly kidding, it really was true for me, though I've never been a sloucher so to speak. Don't waste your money on those braces. A chiropractor won't help unless there is some misalignment in your spine that won't allow you to sit straight. It won't fix bad posture if it's just a habit to slouch. If you're hunching at your computer, you need to adjust your chair, desk and/or monitor height.

    Basically just being aware of your body posture is key to improving it. This may not work for you, but if you tend to get so involved in your computer work that you lose awareness of where your body is, you could try getting a timer or some type of alarm clock. You could set it to go off say every 5 minutes (or whatever you feel works) and when it goes off see what you are doing with your body.

    You should always sit straight, shoulders back, feet flat on the floor and try to be aware of your stomach muscles. Tighten your abdomen right now and you'll see it pulls your body up straighter. It will take lots of work and practice sitting correctly but once you fix it, it becomes second nature.

    Hope that helps. Slumping isn't just unattractive. It's bad for your spine, digestion and basically all your internal organs. Our mothers were right when they said: "Stand Straight!!"
  4. Great idea on the clock alarm. I have the same issue and always try to correct myself.

    Some of my friends have told me that using those large exercise balls really work. They use them at their desks at home (would look kinda funny in the office) and that tends to help "train" themselves to sit up straighter all the time.
  5. My mom just says do something that reminds you- I am working on mine too. I really think you can fix it!! :flowers:
  6. I have very good posture but I have a husband, a son and a sister that have terrible posture. I have researched the following aids that helped. 1. Get a Hag-Balans kneeling chair. This type of chair makes you kneel while sitting and the seat is slightly slanted forcing you to sit straight. There are other cheaper brands, but this one is better. Other designs tend to make you slip down the chair. Sitting on an exercise ball while working at your desk also helps. 2. Pilates/Yoga helps strengthen you core and back muscles. 3. Weight lifting, especially bench presses and shoulder excercise. Chiropractors help align your back but it does not help much with posture. I think poor posture is a bad habit and it takes a while to unlearn it. One system, called the Alexander technique teaches one how to move properly and this will result to a healthier back.
  7. I used to have such bad posture. I bought something called Shoulders Back I bought it to use for riding and found that it also helps just wearing around the house to help "re-train" your muscles in the correct position. I def. recommend it!
  8. I haven't done it but Alexander Technique deals with posture and the people I know who've attended w/shops and training did all have great posture.

  9. Take ballet classes! Great exercise and will improve your posture exponentially.
  10. Ever since I took up Bikram Yoga, my posture improved. I've had bad posture since grade school.
    I read a long time ago by stretching out your spine, the vertebrates squished from slouching fills up and strenghtens..

    Also, because I "use" my back muscles during yoga they are kind of sore, which constantly makes me sit up straight.
  11. ^2nd the Alexander Technique and also Pilates.