bad pics???

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  1. would blurry bad pics keep you from bidding?? it is really that important if your trying to sell and you have no camera in hand?
  2. Yes and yes! Seriously, when it comes to anything but especially high end items, I want to be able to get a good all round view of what I am spending money on - it is almost always 'sight unseen' on eBay and I think as a seller I have to do everything I can to reassure people and make it a transparent transaction. As a buyer, I wouldn't go near an auction with only stock or poor quality photos.
  3. Yes! I would never buy from a seller that had bad pictures or stock pictures!
  4. Yes, it would keep me from bidding on an item if the person is using a stock photo or bad blurry pictures. I think the stock photo is okay for low-end new items or DVDs & such (some form of photo is still important because I want to make sure that the seller is talking about the same item that I think the auction is for), but NEVER for high-end items.
  5. I agree- I would not buy anything on eBay without seeing a photo of the item
  6. definitely, i wonder what they are hiding. stock pics always throw a caution flag for me too. and i also like to see close up pics of a creed.
  7. Depends... I've gotten some amazing deals on rare bags because of terrible photos. Great for me, not so good for the seller - same bag could have sold for 2-3 times as much with good photos.
  8. Yes! There's an LV bag I had been eyeing on eBay but the main pics of it (the outside, especially) are SO blurry. The ones of the details seem fine but the outer pics are horrible. They have an authenticity guarantee and all but the blurry pics have really made me rethink bidding on it.
  9. Thanks, I had to scan the item and it is dimentional so of course it is a bit faded. If you know what the item it you can tell that it is the item but if you have never seen the item then I guess you could be turned away. I don't have a camera yet and wanted to sell item and it is a very high priced item and I guess I was so anxious I wasn't thinking. I may just take it to an Ebay dropoff store. Ugh, thanks so much ladies....
  10. shoegal can you borrow a friend's camera or have a friend take the pics and send them to you. when i first started selling that's what i did. i would have a friend take them or leave their camera with me for a few days so i could take the shots. it makes a world of difference.
  11. Blurry pics would keep me from bidding ONLY if I contacted the seller and s/he didn't send me additional pics.

    I have walked sellers through using the "macro" feature on their camera to get good photos of serial numbers but have often wondered why they just didn't read up on how to take good ebay photos themselves (a quick google search is a big help). The bids are almost always lower when high end items photos are blurry, IME.
  12. I think I will have to borrow someones camera and maybe ask them, or pay them to email me photos. I don't have any "close or good" friends and this is why I didn't ask them. It is difficult for me because I think the scanned pics are alright, but on another persons computer monitor it may be a diffrent story. :tdown: You can see, but it is just certain things on the pic are blury but you can tell I belive the item is authentic. I just broke a 400.00 camera and so my hubby is sooo not ready to get me another..thus the silly question. I also thought about spending the extra money to just get a disposable and doing the 24 hour thing and scanning the photos - sheesh, it is horrible when you get so reliant on instant technology!! LOL!:nuts: I think my item will be listed for 3-4 days or so, so I need to get on it.
  13. Blurry bad pics are some folks secret to finding good deals! I got an LV Musette (retail $920) for $102.50 because the seller had awful pictures taken with her cell phone.

    But seriously though, if you want a good amount of $$ for your item, good clear pictures are key to making a good sale!