Bad photo of new Violine City from LVR

  1. A sudden delivery without warning via Fedex!!! (Lucky that I had taken a day off work at the last minute due to being kept awake all night by my partner's cough.)

    Sorry about photo - taken outdoors in patchy but bright sunlight. Bag is a deeper and more even colour than it looks.
  2. I can't see the photo?!
  3. Photo?
  4. Sorry didn't shrink file enough - have to keep swopping compters to get at Photoshop. Will be back soon.
  5. Hope this one works.

    Bag is a deeper warmer (redder) colour than it looks with the light bouncing off it.
  6. congrats!! enjoy your new violine city :smile:
  7. :yahoo:Congratulations:yahoo:

    I :heart: it! Such a great colour and looks fab with the silver hardware.

  8. :drool: Oh~ I love the violet so much!!!

    CONGRATS on your new bag!!!! GORGEOUS!!!
  9. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Congratulations... !! Beautiful Beautiful purse ... :love:
  11. is gorgeous!!!
  12. Gorgeous!!!!!! congrats
  13. omg! Your bag is gorgeous.
  14. Love violine. Congrats!!
  15. This image has been Photoshopped but I think it is more like the colour - a rich deep dark red purple. Ignore the 'bluer' bit at the top right corner.
    Bag indoors_edited-2.jpg