Bad Online Sale experience! Some questions!


Mar 28, 2009

first of all it took them like forever to send out my online order from It was so much faster in summer when I placed my first ever order. I received the package about 8-9 days later, all of my other online purchases form,, or even my first orders were delivered like 3-5 days later.
For a luxury online shop 9 days is a no-go in my opinion.

Then one item, the most important one, was sold out later, even so I could order it with no problems.

Two items I ordered seems to have been used or opened before.

Something that catched my eye too that Burberry doesn't send the items in boxes! LV and Dior do so, but ok there are no sales, but I got a YSL bag on sale from their website and it came in a YSL box too. Burberry sends it out like any shop you can buy stuff from. The difference is that you pay so much money for an item. There is ZERO luxury feeling when the order arrives at home. ZERO!

Now I have a question about returning BB items. This, again, wasn't the case with my last summer sale order a few months ago.
I ordered around 8 items and want to return 3 of them. However not one item had the black "Burberry accepts return only with this label attached" label attached to the item. All were loose and not even attached at some time before cause the hole where the label is attached is still new and unused. All those labels are just flying around in packaging. Did you notice the same thing? I hope there won't be any problems returning these items as it was that way when I got it. Normally those black "security" labels should be attached, right? What's your experience with that?

And there is no returning documents included in the package, only the UPS label, but no paper to fill out which items were returned. That wasn't the case either in my summer order.

I really can't recommend ordering from at the moment. A very bad experience here for such a luxury and pricey designer shop.
I just hope everything will work ok with returning the items and refunding the money.

So can you help me with any of the above problems mentioned?

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Feb 24, 2013
I think Burberry only wraps purchases in a nice Burberry box if you select gift packaging (for environmentally friendly reasons). So if that is important to you, try selecting gift packaging next time.
Shipping speed is probably slower because it's Christmas time. I ordered a Burberry wallet in mid-December and received it in 6 days which is not too bad, but it was a bit slower than my summer purchase.

I ordered boots in the summer and wanted to return them. I also noticed the tag that says "Burberry accepts returns only with this label attached" was just lying in the shoebox and was not attached to anything. I made sure I talked to Burberry customer service about this (via online chat) and they assured me it was not a problem. You need to contact customer service either by phone or online chat to request them to email you a return shipping label. You need to print 3 copies of this label and attach it to the outside of your package for customs use. There should be a document in your package for you to fill out the reason of return, so I'm not sure why that's not there. Best to check with customer service when you request your return shipping label.

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Feb 14, 2015
Cary, NC
I ordered my men's sales items on a Friday and came the following Tuesday.
I ordered my wife's items on Sat and hers came on Wed!

Only problem I had was for my order, they forgot to remove the security tag.. so had to get them to send me another UPS label to have it sent to my local store (which is 2 hours away). Thankfully the store overnighted the item back to me, so no complaints!


Nov 25, 2006
I've always had good experience with ordering online so no complaints from me. So sorry you had bad experience with them. For returning items, as described above, you call or email for the return label and they can pick up the package from your home. refund was within a week or two. not too long as well.Good Luck!

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Jun 30, 2007
i live in canada and never had any problems since i started purchasing off their online site. only takes 2 days the most for me to get their stuff. 3 days for separate orders the last two weeks and it's the holidays. packaging wise i always select gift option. i feel special that way when i receive my package in their signature box w bow. love the speedy service [emoji108]. so sorry to hear about your experience though.


Mar 28, 2009
My first experience in summer was pleasant too. Fast! But this was not at all.

Return UPS label was attached but the return form to fill out wasn't. So I mailed them and I got the answer that I should print out the receipt and put it in the package. Nothing in the mail about return papers or filling something out etc. I should just put a copy of the receipt in the package? Very strange. Well I will print this mail too and put it in the package, just to be sure.

They told me they needed to look for stuff elsewhere which is why it was delayed. Well, it's not a big problem. But no returning papers and stuff which looks like already tried on... Not good. And with LV, Dior or YSL I don't need to check any giftwrapping and still get boxes. But good to know anyway.

Christmas is no excuse for me. Dior delivered a backpack within 4 days after ordering online two weeks ago. LV is very fast too. YSL online sale item last year was delivered within 4-5 days too.

But what really bugs me is the not attached security labels and most of all forgetting returning papers to fill out what to return. Very strange.

Thank you.