Bad online order experience with Neiman Marcus!!!

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  1. This is the second time I have encountered the same bad experience with Neiman Marcus's online shopping system. I can understand popular on sales handbags go quick. However, it should ensure items are still available before we input all the credit card information, submit the order and a confirmation email from the store sent to it's customer saying "In Stock". :confused1: I found out my orders were cancelled even after confirmation emails saying "in stock" were sent to me. I have never experienced thing like this with other online stores. A store as big as NM. really has no excuse for such incompetent order system. Do you guys have similar experience with NM like mine?
  2. Sorry to hear that. There was this huge thing with Bloomingdale's online and Marc Jacobs handbags where Bloomingdale's online inventory did not update as quickly as the demand for the handbags.
  3. yeah, same happened to me from, and even all are for sale items....
  4. The same thing happened to me with the confirmation email etc. I just won't order from them anymore. They don't deserve my hard earned money-why support bad service? There are plenty of other merchants that handle their online sales a whole lot better, and they have free ground shipping!:yes:
  5. Hi JNH14,

    Would you recommend some trusted online websites that sell premier designer handbags?? :smile:
  6. I've had an item get cancelled from my order too. It sucks!

    Nordstrom and Saks both sell designer handbags. Nordstrom's online selection is limited though but they do allow ordering over the phone...
  7. I buy from; Karizma Boutique, www.Nordstrom (more in store); www.JCMadison; www.LunaBoston to name a few. Also there is a store in Bahrain that sells lots of Chloes and Balenciaga's to TPF'ers.
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  8. Thanks JNH14!!! I love ordering from Nordstrom and Revolveclothing too especially they don't disappoint me like NM does all the time. The service at is great.. if you see some shoes online that are out of your size, you can ask the Live Help to try to track them down at a store. The store will honor the on-sale price if it carries the same shoes.
  9. I hate that too! I bought something too, and that happened like 3 times! I got so upset!

  10. Yes, that happened to me... thankfully, it always seems to be Nordstroms to the rescue with their price matching!
  11. Rolexgirl, could you share what the price matching policy is at Nordstrom that you mentioned? Does it apply to hangbags too??
  12. Oh,'s happened to me too. How frustrating and disappointing when you are so excited to get that much desired bag at a great price...and then it's gone! I even had it happen at Revolve Clothing when I ordered a bag at night and received an email in the morning that they were out of stock. (and that my c.c. amount would be refunded)
  13. Unfortunately I think it is a common problem on a lot of store websites (no matter what they sell) when it comes to their sale item inventory - sale stuff tends to sell at a faster pace than regular priced inventory, and they just can't keep up.
  14. I had three bad experiences with NM lately. They cancelled my first order 24 hours after I placed it then showed the item available the next day. My second order was a damaged Chloe bag which I had to return. The third was a fake bag instead of a Chloe. I finally got a great sale Chloe from BG in great condition. I sympathize with anyone dealing with NM.
  15. I'm sorry you had a bad experience w/ NM. . . but this Forum is for DEALS & STEALS, just a spot for people to post about great finds/sales.
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