Bad News...

  1. So after numerous calls to Coach with them telling me that there is a PINK XL Heritage Satchel I decided to look up my order online. Well the status is guess what!!! "Contact Customer Service" I guess I will cancel my order and go to the store tomorrow to get what I had originally planned, the white XL satchel. If they don't have it...I will scream!!! Okay enough with the ranting, time for bed so I can get a jump start on my search for a bag. Thanks for listening! lol Goodnight!
  2. So does it come in pink?
  3. I guess not. When I called before ordering it they said there was one left, so I ordered it. Then I called last night and they said there were four left. Now I heard from other ladies on the site that it is a mistake in the computer and then I called AGAIN tonight. So I asked if it was a mistake and the guy said nope there are four in stock. Argh so I looked up my order and it is telling me I have to contact customer service. So once I call in the morning I will have yet another update. This is such a pain in the behind, just to get a purse!!!
  4. How aggravating!!! I hope for a happy update!
  5. That's so upsetting! I hate getting mixed messages.

    Out of curiosity, how did you look up your order online? I placed an order with JAX yesterday over the phone. Can I look up the status online?

  6. Oh what a bummer! I hope you are able to get your purse!
  7. wow, they are so all over the place! good luck!
  8. wow ashdir, that is bad news... sorry to hear that, hopefully you will come out with an XL in the end! :smile:
  9. Okay so I just got off the phone with customer service and my order was cancelled because they never made the bag in pink. Oh well, I just wish I didn't have to go through this whole thing.
  10. Here is the link so just put in the order number that Coach gave you. If you don't have the number then call Coach and they can give it to you. Hope this helps!!
  11. what a joke.. coach is so messed up!!!!! :rolleyes:
  12. I agree! I mean could they honestly put an order through for a bag that doesn't exist??!!!!! :wtf:

    ashdir- I hope you can still get the white one that you want. Keep us posted. Poor girl!
  13. ash, when I spoke to the SA about this yesterday, she said well it looks pink in the catalog:wtf:, but it's more of an orange color IRL! I almsot asked her what catalog are you looking in lady, cuz it's not looking pink to me!:upsidedown:
  14. Thanks so much!
  15. thats just messed up of COACH that they would pull something like this...