bad news!!! Shirise is having NO sale this year!!


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Jan 31, 2006
Montreal, Quebec.
hm... Richard Kidd in vancouver had a huge sale around xmas and the balenciagas were going for 50% off! they told me it was supposed to be hush-hush tho.. :hrmm: and now they're not going to carry the motorcycle bags anymore... i wonder...


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Nov 15, 2006
Balenciaga is typical of all big corporations that have a brand to protect - and want the market price under their control. Really, most companies do this in one way or another with most products.

Balenciaga is taking a path through retail that avoids many department store outlets, disallows competing sellers to be too close to each other - all standard policies for high end retailers for everything from handbags to electronic equipment.

It benefits us, because it keeps counterfeits to a minimum, Balenciaga tracks their bags, resale value remains high and Balenciaga itself doesn't have to pay as many middlemen.

BalNY clearly wants to have bags to sell to its customers - and the other outlets have to wait and see what is left over. That's how I feel anyway - the colors and styles available at Barney's BH are never particular complete.
This makes perfect sense... but, "Erica" sells current seaon bbags on eBay for a bit less then the retail and her bags are authentic.


May 16, 2006
I say good for Balenciaga. It hurts a brand when retailers discount them so much. It takes a lot away from the respect a bag gets (I know, a bag getting "respect?". lol).

But think of this way...I always see Coach, Gucci, Fendi and occasionally Chloe bags thrown into discount bins at outlets and it always looks so poor for that designer brand....makes it cheap to me. It also hurts the re-sell bag for us. I used to love Chloe (still do) but when paddingtons were going for 50% it was not good for the company. It also quickly pushes a model as being "out" of style much quicker.


May 11, 2007
I personally think a little bit of discount wouldn't hurt. I mean, they are making more than double in profit, and allowing 20% discount to make us loyal customer happy in some boutiques in Chicago is just not a big of a deal you know! And it d be only a few bags available for sale. It's not like a truck load of BBags are on sale....:Push: