bad news!!! Shirise is having NO sale this year!!

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  1. OMG!! This is my very first post!! I love this forum, and all you BBags lovers!! it feels like family here!
    Anyways, I just called Shirise and checked if they are having a Sale like last year to clean out the spring stuff! And the lady there told me that they are NOT ALLOWED to have sales anymore!! She said Balenciaga is not allowing outside discount!! If they do a sale and get caught, Shirise won't be able to carry Balenciaga anymore.......
    I am sad....
  2. I emailed them to ask what styles they were ordering in the violet and jaune, and the response was, "We do not have any bags on order for either the yellow or purple. "

    Bummer about the sales ... Balenciaga is really cracking down. Probably what will happen is that they will sell their leftover stock to some reseller who will then sell them at a discount.
  3. how weird! they used to have a lot in stock last year! I think they carried every color! I was waiting for them to go on sale this year.. they had a 20% discount last year!!! The lady told me that someone told on them for having a sale!!! I wonder who told.........???:wondering
  4. Who knows, maybe people at Balenciaga monitor this's probably the quickest way for them to find out about "violations" of their policy!
  5. That's terrible news! I was looking forward to the sale!
  6. Yeah, I asked last month and they told me no sale this year =(
  7. It's sad but true... Greta Lux is not having sales on Bbags any more either :crybaby:

  8. OH NO!!!!
  9. I am totally surprised to be honest. I mean, resellers such as Bluefly discounts BBags, too, right?? How come Shirise can't do it anymore?! I was so looking forward to save some $$$..
  10. incoralblue explained this on another thread...retailers who have a direct relationship w/Balenciaga and buy from Balenciaga Wholesale are the ones who are bound by Balenciaga's rules. Retailers who bought from a third party (e.g., maybe Shirise will sell their leftovers to Bluefly) are not bound by those rules.
  11. Why is Balenciaga so touchy about sales?
  12. I think it's because they feel that if the bags are easy to buy online and often get heavily discounted in sales, it will devalue the brand to consumers.

    Here's a good example of what Balenciaga is trying to avoid:
    What's up with the girnomous sale/discount with Chloe?
  13. Balenciaga is typical of all big corporations that have a brand to protect - and want the market price under their control. Really, most companies do this in one way or another with most products.

    Balenciaga is taking a path through retail that avoids many department store outlets, disallows competing sellers to be too close to each other - all standard policies for high end retailers for everything from handbags to electronic equipment.

    It benefits us, because it keeps counterfeits to a minimum, Balenciaga tracks their bags, resale value remains high and Balenciaga itself doesn't have to pay as many middlemen.

    BalNY clearly wants to have bags to sell to its customers - and the other outlets have to wait and see what is left over. That's how I feel anyway - the colors and styles available at Barney's BH are never particular complete.
  14. So sad....
  15. last year was the first year there were any bags leftto have a sale with at all. not surprised at all that there wont be sales on moto bags. I bet there will be sales on the off shoot bags though.