BAD news ladies....

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  1. Bad for my bank balance that is!My BF has just signed a tenancy agreement on a new apartment....IN MOUNT STREET. Just as I had managed to get my addiction well and truly under control before I could do any real damage (3 pairs) am I going to avoid CL's now?
  2. Fantastic - our very own reporter on the ground :yahoo: We need regular updates now, no excuses LOL
  3. ^ Word.
  4. Daily pictures of the windows please :yahoo::woohoo:
  5. You're in trouble now! ;)
  6. Uh-oh! That's trouble for all of us! ;)
  7. There's no way to avoid it anna, just face it, how possible is it to have a CL addiction actually truly under control anyway?! ;)
  8. yay how fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Fabulous Anna!! I'm so jealous!! You MUST resist.

    And i agree with the others .. you MUST post piccies!
  10. Well luckily I'm out of the way at Uni most of the time....but still, weekend visits....argh!! I think it's the closest I'm ever going to come to my dream of actually living in a CL boutique haha.
  11. That sounds like so much fun!! I cannot wait for the reports, girl!!
  12. Ok, I had to think a second then realized you will be living in the shadow of a CL boutique. We definitely want updates and will try to provide you with reinforcement when you need to resist.
  13. Didn't lilgoose say she lived on Mount Street too?
  14. nope nope my best friend lives round the corner from mount street, and i used to work off mount street =D

    I wish i lived on mount street =P
  15. Aha, must stop reading the forum while I am half asleep!