Bad News Inside Alert!!

  1. Ok so I heard today that the satin LVoe tote MAY not make it into production as they are proving very difficult to make
  2. Really?
  3. I hope they make it.
  4. But they're so pretty, especially that purple one! Where did you hear this?
  5. really? i know these are an anticipated line. that sucks if they don't make it...
  6. Oh, that stinks! :sad:
  7. Damn...that'll suck. Hmm...I might need to go to LV tonight to check if they're going to have a LVOE pin without rhinestones cause it would be so *****in' on a black t-shirt.
  8. At my store, I was double checking out what items I was waitlisted for (just in case of mistakes) I said that I'd listed for the violet satin and the SA told me the last they'd heard was that they may not be getting it in because of production problems. But they should still be getting the canvas.
  9. I know I think this one is my favorite of all!
  10. What is wrong with the production? First it was the Azur canvas which they are having difficulty with the batches. Now the new Spring line items?
  11. Seems like nothing but problems lately (miroir, Azur, etc.)!
  12. Awww... I hope it does get produced!!! The purple Satin one looks HOT IRL! :biggrin:
  13. Really??? why not??? it's so pretty!!
  14. Oh that totally sucks! I was saving up for the purple one!
  15. Yeah I can see why. It's just a weird bag overall...I wish they were cuter.
    Oh well doesn't really bother me..the violet looked weird with the seafoam green and orange sequins anyway. Bah.