bad news. happy news.

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  1. so bad news first.
    when i went to LV last wednesday, my intention was first to find a hand luggage & my preference was a Keepal 55 in Azur since it comes w/ the strap & i havent own anything Azur yet. when i was almost decided to take tht, i asked my SA if they hav anything in miroir still (at 1st i thot it was stupid since who wouldnt buy a miroir rite? how can it still be there in the warehouse for months?). but she answered YES! they still hav one keepall in miroir. i almost scream (my heart actually did..). so i asked her to bring me to the VIP room for i dont want anyone else to see the bag since i dont have enuff money at tht time, i dont do credit cards for buying bags & i kinda knew the miroir wont be cheap.i tried them and theyre fabolous!! i like the leather, the lining and the size is perfect. so i asked her to hold it for 3 days (as usual..) & i bought a shoe instead.

    around noon today, i got my 3rd thank you note & a few catalogues (all of them are passe..) and a ring from my SA. i was told the bag has been SOLD TO SOMEONE ELSE!! my SA felt soo bad she apologized so many times. i believed her when she said it was not at her will. she didnt realised it. it was the other SA who did it. what ever~ i was soo calm at tht time while my heart was crying out loud. what a very bad system they have over there!

    i was soo close to getting tht bag since im planning to go there tomorrow to pick it w/ mom. now, im soo lost :crybaby::crybaby:

    Boring news:
    she also told me during the phone call tht my sister's patchwork speedy has arrived. tht is the 1st batch of tht speedys tht arrived in my country.i know its late. people in the other part of the globe has already been previewing the fall winter bags whilst my SA didnt even hav her hand on the lookbook yet! welcome to 3rd world country, people! ;)

    Happy news:
    so i went out for lunch at CPK today w/ my frens. i saw a couple of guy was smiling at me and eye-pointing at the bag probably complimenting it (soana sacoche gm in marron fonce).i smiled back. during their way out, they stopped at the next table (unoccupied) take one of the chair and put it next to me and said "your LV deserve a nice seat". owh!! soo sweet. :smile: i was waiting for my food to arrive anyway so i put my bag on my lap.i was speechless. it was soo flattering, i was blushing. well, my frens laughed an some had their eyes rolled. whatever!

    ps: thank you for reading my 'mixed emotion' in a day.:P:heart:
  2. They don't have a good system at all.

    Hopefully you will find another like you want.

  3. Sorry to hear they sold your bag!
  4. aw that sucks. its great when you get a nice compliment though. did you get the azur?
  5. that is why I don't wait! if I don't have the cash with me I charge it and just pay my CC. I don't trust those SA's!
  6. Aw sorry to hear that you didnt get the miroir! Those guys are smart obviously Lv's need their own seat!
  7. if you don't mind me asking, do you happen to live in Manila? :P
  8. aww cute story at the end!
  9. have a great weekend! and where do u live?
  10. Sorry you were unable to get the mirroir keepall but atleast you got some shoes! Which shoes did you get?
  11. That sucks, did u end up getting the Azur?
  12. i was born and still am living with my family in Kuala Lumpur so i don't live in Manila. why the question, Patrick? r u from there? *hugs*

    i got a white sneakers. i posted pixx of it in another thread along with my sister's newly bought melusine.

    i'm getting the azur today!! [but am still thinking bout the miroir...:sad:]

    to everyone, thanks for your comments. *hugssss*
  13. Hee hee hee. Cute last story.

    I'm sorry to hear about them selling your bag... :tdown:
  14. OMG that sucks about the mirror but I'm not surprised considering what a HOT bag it is.
  15. I hope you can find anouther keepall.