bad news from Bal Paris- help me!!

  1. Hi everyone!!!
    I have been waiting for over a month now for Bal Paris to receive the Purse in blue india... I sent them an email yesterday asking about it, and today they replied that they are not sure if they'll get it at all!!!! :cursing:

    What should I do, wait for them to see if they'll get it? I really want a Purse, and I really want blue india!
    :crybaby: I'm so sad about this!
  2. I would try to find it somewhere else.

    Did you try LVR (they accept paypal and they ship) or Aloha Rag, even if there is the tax problem and shipping would be expensive.
    Apart from these I am sure there are other options.

    What do you mean by "purse"? Is it the purse (the one that is being discontinued) or the first that you want?

    I can maybe check if there are any here in Milan in the three shops that carry B-bags and then ship it to you, in case I can put my hands on one and you don't find another solution.
  3. So sorry Danae !!!
    I had also problems with them :cursing: (for the BI Day).
    Printemps has just one Purse left (in Cognac). And they have BI in Work size.
    I think LVR won't have this size in BI, but according to their list they have it in Rouge Vif / Grenat / Black / White / Sapin / Truffe / Greige ...
    Aloha Rag sent me a list last week: no BI in Purse size ....but maybe there is an update ????
  4. What's LVR?
  5. I already checked with LVR, Aloha Rag and Bal NY. Noone is getting them!!!!
    trama turgo, I want the Purse style. If you can pls give me the email addresses from the shops in Milan and I'll contact them asap!! Do you think they know Balenciaga well enough to understand which style the Purse is?
  6. Pinkarats, LVR is Luisa Via Roma, an Italian shop: ::: home page :::!
    They are legit and carry Balenciaga, even if they not list them on the website.
    Cheers :yes:
  7. didn't cult status in Australia have that one ???
    not sure how all that overseas shipping stuff works...
  8. This is a final and COMPLETE update of the shops officially carrying B-bags in Milan, Italy:

    10 Corso Como,
    Corso como 10, Milano
    Tel: +39 0229002674

    In my opinion this is the best place where to go since they are the ones who carry more styles and colors, it is a nice shop where you can do a lot of Bal and non Bal shopping(great for gifts to bring back home too, but don't eat there, the café is soooo expensive!), and, more important than anything else for those who come to Milan for their business, you can go there when work is finished, look at the opening days/hours:

    Mon, Tue, 10.30am - 19.30pm
    Wed, Thu, 10.30am - 21.00pm
    Fri, Sat, Sun, 10.30am - 19.30pm

    Via Sant'Andrea 10, Milano
    Tel: +39 0276000905

    This place is interesting since it is right in the middle of the most important designer shopping area (Via Montenapoleone), so if you are hanging around you would probably walk by that shop anyway.
    Their assortment goes from huge to almost nothing depending if you are lucky enough to to walk in a few days after they have been delivered some merchandise.

    Mon to Sat, 10.00am - 19.00pm
    Sun, closed (except on special occasions when all the other shops in that area stay open, eg. for fashion week or before xmas)

    Antonia acessori,
    Via Pontervetero 1, Milano
    (This is right on the corner with Via Cusani)
    Tel: +39 028690216

    Mon to Sat, 10.00a.m - 19.00pm

    The shop also carries other brands such as chloe, and next door there is their clothing shop called Antonia as well.

    Corso Genova 6, Milano
    Tel: +39 028311601

    Mon to Sat, 10.00am - 19.00pm

    Please remind that this specific shop carries only mens bags for what is regarding Bal. Which means that they have the weekender in black and Truffle and the men's besace in black and truffle as well.


    Danae, This is what I posted a few weeks ago. I checked those personally. Not all of them have email unfortunately.

    It is totally useless that you try to get in touch with Biffi (only mens line), and Marisa which is currently having a special sale (I don't know the reason, maybe they are going out of business? It could explain why they had so few b-bags lately.I don't know, but anyway no b-bags left, that's a fact)

    So it's only worth trying at 10 Corso como, and Antonia.
  9. I just heard a similar story from Nordstrom in the U.S....they have wait lists a mile long for Blue India Part-Time bags and City bags, and I was told tonight that they won't receive any more. They got two Part-Times and NO Cities.
  10. it's so frustrating!!!!

    Trama turgo, thanks!!!!!!!! This is so sweet of you, thank you!!!
  11. I sent emails to corso como and antonia, and another one to Bal paris asking again... Ladies, cross your fingers for me!!!
  12. I wish you good luck! Maybe you should try Selfridges in London?

  13. I was in Milan 2-3 weeks ago but they had NO BI in those mentioned shops, unfortunately :sad: - I'm sorry - but maybe ;) ..... I hope it for you and keep my fingers crossed :love: :flowers: good luck !
  14. awww thanks first!!!
    Sadly, I received the answer from 10 corso como. They don't have it... They don't order the Purse...

    I will also try the one in Australia... I'll let you know how it goes... sniff