bad news for Toronto "Heart" lovers

  1. I'm not sure if this was covered in the other thread, regarding how Toronto only received two hearts, but...

    I was in Toronto LV yesterday, and my SA said that they wouldn't be getting in anymore heart coin purses. She felt bad too, and slightly annoyed; she feels that there's a problem in the logistics department, because they continue to underestimate the demand for LV products in Canada.

    I felt bad for her: how uncomfortable must it be to have to continuously tell clients that an item they were waitlisted / promised for will not be theirs after all?

    HOLY awkward!

    Oddly enough, I felt slightly relieved that I wouldn't be spending $400 ish CAD on what is essentially a glorified bag charm (IMO, don't hurt me!).

    of course, now that riveted pochette is looking MIGHTY fine... ; )


  2. awww.. that's too bad. i think that most people think Canada as a more modest country when spending on luxury?
  3. I agree, L.O.V.E., we're just not the epitome of luxury consuption, I guess!

    : )

  4. No worries, that is exactly how I feel. I love the framboise heart and everything (the charms are just so darn cute!) But I can't justify paying $375 CAD + tax...$398 in Alberta for a bag charm! In Toronto, wouldn't it be almost $430?!
  5. That is to bad.