Bad news for gals hoping to buy a French Blue First....

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  1. :crybaby:
    I just got this email from Aloha Rag and I am really sad! I was really looking forward to the French Blue in the First style. I have been wanting one for some time, and after I found out Bal, NY wasn't going to get anymore, I went ah searchin. Last week I was told they still expected some and to write them back this week. Does anyone know of other places to check?

    Dear Deana,

    Thank you for waiting to hear from us regarding the Balenciaga handbags in the French Blue. While some of you have been waiting over a month to hear from us, we just heard from Balenciaga and we are very sorry to have to inform you that due to production problems by Balenciaga, we will not be receiving any more handbags in the French Blue. We know many of you were looking forward to ordering from us and apologize for not being able to fulfill your requests. We hope this matter will not discourage you from shopping with us in the future.

    If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

    Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

    Aloha Rag Customer Support
  2. Yes Deana I too received that email last week. That's why I decided to splurge on my first bag in 3 months and get a FB Matelasse!! Your photos inspired me! That silver hardware is droolworthy.
  3. Sorry to hear that but i guess another possibility u can try is at ebay as i guess it tends to pop up once in awhile if u don't mind used but sometimes, there is new one as well........:smile:
  4. Where ANY FB Firsts ever made?

    I thought someone posted a while back saying that BalNY said they were never even made :shrugs: ..and come to think of it, I've never even seen a pic of one.
  5. Yes, they were deffinitely made. Daphne said they were sent to the store in the first shipments for the season, and there was a very small number of them. When she inquired if they would get more she was told no. I would love to know if any pf-ers got one. It would be great to see photos of it. I had always thought a FB First would look smashing, and now they are going to be that much more special since not that many were made. Maybe some unsuspecting seller on ebay will auction one off for a good price.
    Your welcome Impasto, and congratulations on ordering your FB Matelasse! It's what we all do best here on the pf isn't it? Temptation is everywhere! Come post pictures and tell us what you think when she arrives!
  6. Oh wow.. I've never seen one! Now I wish I got it while they had it since it'll be 'rare' now. I hope we can get a pic of one...
  7. Deana I really don't think they were ever made. I was number 2 on the original list, and NEVER got a call. I would really hate to think BalNY wouldn't call.
  8. I got that email last week, and in fact I posted about it on here, but I guess a lot of people didn't see it. I'm pretty upset about it because while I really like my Cornflower, I think I would have liked the FB better. I got a money wallet so I would have something in this color, but it's just not satisfying my desire to have a FB first. Since there aren't any out there, I'll just have to get over it!

    Also, Impasto, when did you get on the list for BalNY? I got on the list in early March, but according to a stock list posted here on February 7, they had some FB firsts in stock at that time. By early March, when I called, they were already gone and taking people's names on a list for when they got more in. Of course they never ended up getting any more in, so we're out of luck. I don't think NM ever carried the first in FB, so there were none there. I don't know if Saks or Barneys or any other stores had them, but I guess if I really wanted it I would have called around to check. Oh well, I'll get over it and move on to the next bag eventually.

    I've not been feeling well lately, and also not sleeping well at night. My hubby is feeling bad for me, so he said he'll buy me a new purse!:yahoo: Of course he has no idea how much Bbags cost, so I'm sure if he knew, I wouldn't be getting one. I think I want to wait until Steel comes out to see if I want one in that color. I think I want my next Bbag to be a neutral. I would love to compare the Anthracite and Steel side by side.

    Sorry for the long ramble!
  9. I was planning on getting a french blue city as well from aloha rag.......Anyone know of any stores that may have this with regular hardware~??
  10. I'm so sorry for you, Deana!:sad::heart:I'm sure another beautiful bag will come your way, soon!!:yes:
  11. Now i'm really cfuriou as to what colour thi bag is :biggrin:
  12. That stock list was incorrect, because I was on the list when I got my green day in Feb. When I saw that list from Terri, I immediately called and there were never any FB firsts there. I was also to be called from Barney's in Dallas, and a Saks. I never received a call from either, even when I was on my mini-purse ban. So whether there was a FB first or not.. that sucker is elusive. We were not meant to be I guess!
  13. I'm wondering if the "production problems" have anything to do w/the problem with the edge paint wearing very quickly that some tPFers reported with this color.