Bad News: Bloomies is having a sale

  1. This thursday to sunday. extra 30 to 40% off on sale items, plus $15 bcard for every $100. Time to bug Josh:heart:
  2. Uh oh - bad news for me. GOOD news for others I'm sure! Some gals will get incredible bargains. Josh never called me, though. Some boyfriend he is!:tdown:
  3. He does not call me either. I'll bet he calls Susie or Imon!
  4. Well when he calls you guys can you post whats available!?! My Bloomies card is dying to be used... it doesn't like being at zero balance!
  5. Yes, do post pics........however, I MUST be on a Ban, I picked up my black quilted Bay yesterday, along with the recently purchased Whiskey patent Dome.................unless.....:nogood:
  6. Yes please let us know what's available! My bloomies card is dying for a charge!:graucho:
  7. PICS! Modeling Pics!!! :jammin: