Bad news and Good news

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  1. I guess many of you remember me as I have been cheated from buying a fake groom cles not long ago.

    the news for that is the seller disappeared, never ring me to organize a "date" to LV shop. and no more reply since I left for holiday.

    Now I'm in a icafe in Christchurch, New Zealand. This holiday trip is very happy because my BF bought me a LV for x'mas gift, and I bought myself one item too (in Queenstown NZ)

    and guess what, the shop next to this icafe is LV shop, BF promise we will go there "again" to hunt for more goods.

    I'm not able to take photos now, but I promise I will when i get home tomorrow or on sunday.

    happy happy:wlae:
  2. I remember your ordeal, sorry to hear about the seller, so I assume you didn't get refund.

    I can't wat to see your new goodies, congrats!!! have fun shopping!!
  3. wow~~ cherry cherrry~
    no wonder u disappeared for a while~hope u get back soon and share your new things^^"

    And i still got ur groom cles..dunno what to do with it >.<

    wait for u to come back, haha~

    what presents did u get? what did u get urself? @.@
  4. happy happy for u too :smile:
  5. sorry to hear that nothing came out the ordeal. but glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself in christchurch. i have been to the LV there, a small boutique though, still it is LV.
  6. Sorry your ordeal ended the way it did.
  7. So LV christmas gifts did you guys get? I remember what you went though, it was horrible. :crybaby: But at the end look what you got:yahoo:
  8. I'm glad you got some LV goodies to make you happy. :yes: Enjoy your holiday and sorry things did not work out with your groom cles. What a shame.:sad:
  9. I am so sorry to hear about your bad news. But happy for you for more LV in the future :smile:
  10. aww..sorry to hear about your bad news! But congrats on your new LV!
  11. That seller just makes my blood boil for you!

    But, congrats on the new LV stuff you are getting!
  12. I can't wait to see everything that you got :nuts:
  13. Sorry about the deadbeat seller :sad: Glad your moving on! Have fun on your trip!
  14. Oh, so glad to hear from you again although yeah, it's not so good news about the groom cles. But hey, new LVs are always good and we hope to hear more about your new purchases!
  15. its a pity you didn't get your money back, you could have used it to get the real deal.....

    anyway, can't wait to see pics of your new goodies!