Bad news and Good news


Savin' hard 4moreLVs
Nov 7, 2006
I guess many of you remember me as I have been cheated from buying a fake groom cles not long ago.

the news for that is the seller disappeared, never ring me to organize a "date" to LV shop. and no more reply since I left for holiday.

Now I'm in a icafe in Christchurch, New Zealand. This holiday trip is very happy because my BF bought me a LV for x'mas gift, and I bought myself one item too (in Queenstown NZ)

and guess what, the shop next to this icafe is LV shop, BF promise we will go there "again" to hunt for more goods.

I'm not able to take photos now, but I promise I will when i get home tomorrow or on sunday.

happy happy:wlae:
Oct 20, 2006
wow~~ cherry cherrry~
no wonder u disappeared for a while~hope u get back soon and share your new things^^"

And i still got ur groom cles..dunno what to do with it >.<

wait for u to come back, haha~

what presents did u get? what did u get urself? @.@