BAD Movie Rentals

  1. Of course these are MY opinions. But I wish someone would have told us before we got these. Maybe I can save you from the same mistake.

    1. A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE - this thing got like top 10 on over 150 lists or something like that! I don't get it! Someone else watch it and tell me what I am missing. I think they cut out the whole beginning of the movie by mistake. I must be missing something if it is rated that high on over 150 lists! Call me crazy! I HATED IT!!!!!

    2. Ice harvest - another "HUH?" I hated it within 15 minutes... but forced myself to sit through it.... stupid idea

    3. Where the Truth Lies - I fell asleep, it was that good.

    Yea, I can't think of any more, though we have rented a lot of bad ones lately. When they come to mind, I will come back...
  2. Eye of the beholder..worst movie of all time..couldn't even follow the plotline!!
  3. Oh no!! We just bought this movie and plan to watch it this weekend.
    I have a bunch of movies to list, but I will post later when I can think of them. :lol:
  4. wedding crashers. pee-yooo! (sorry to those who liked it)
  5. Napolean Dynomite. This was by far the worst movie I have ever seen. My friend and I watched this movie after several people told us it was great. The whole time we kept hoping it would get better but it didn't. We were mad we wasted all that time watching it.
  6. awww, I :heart:33 Wedding Crashers!

    "Mom! the meatloaf, F***!!!!"

    hmmmm, I'm going to go with..... Garden State. not half as good as it was hyped up to be.
  7. OHhh I love this movie! :smile:

  8. Awww...I thought Garden State was the sweetest movie ever!!! I just love Zach Braff (sp?) and Natalie Portman! :love:
  9. I ADORE Zach Braff. He makes me giggle like nobodys business on Scrubs. :smile:
  10. I loved both Garden State and Napoleon Dynamite. But I like quiet movies with quirky characters the best.
  11. okay, this movie came out a while ago, but i can't get over how bad it was! don't watch Way Downtown.

  12. Don't worry, I just didn't care for it, obviously I am not the norm since it got so many AWESOME reviews!!

    Will you fill me in on what I was missing, maybe it was too deep for me. I will be waiting! :smile:
  13. Dani really liked it but we hated it, Donnie Darko, if you watch it, let me know what you think...
  14. Solaris with George Clooney! And The Fog. The Fog just stinks.
  15. Haha I love Napoleon Dynamite.

    The movie that is consistently the worst movie of all time accorinding to the IMDB bottom 100 is "Manos: the Hands of Fate" And they're right. This movie is sooooo bad it's hilarious! Big MST3K fan here!