Bad Month for Star Ratings!

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  1. It's a good thing I wasn't expecting the 20% seller discount on final value fees this month, as I have now had at least 2 buyers burn my detailed seller ratings. They both got free shipping (left 4 stars), and items shipped immediately the moment they paid (4 stars). Do they just not understand that 4 stars on Ebay is BAD?

    Anyway, my new policy is to block buyers who leave bad detailed star ratings. I guess it's the only way... Fortunately I only had about $50 in fees this month. I'm holding off selling anything else until my 30 day "star cycle" passes!
  2. Caanie, your star ratings are outstanding....4.9,5.0,4.9,4.8. There's nothing at all for you to worry about.
  3. Is this 20% off fees for selling with perfect stars just for powersellers or for all sellers?
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    To be fair, most buyers don't understand that 4 stars is bad - it was discussed on another thread i think, that in most cases, a 4 out of 5 would be deemed very good - just not by Ebay's standards.:nogood:

    If i have a good buying experience i leave the full 5 - but before i read some of the stuff on this forum i wouldn't have had clue that the sellers need an average of 4.8 or whatever it is to get their fees reduced. This is purely because, Ebay introduced this as an incentive for sellers - the sellers list more, they sell more and have more listing and FVF fees - brilliant they think, i'll get my discount, i've done everything right. BUT, Ebay purposely do not educate the buyer, so the buyer thinks, i'll give a 4, because to them, there's no difference - and some people actually just don't like giving full marks for anything! :wtf:

    In your case, i fail to understand why, with free shipping and the fact the items were sent out straight away they wouldn't have left 5 - but then who knows?! It was suggested that people (silly people) don't take into account shipping delays - i.e the item is sent out straight away but gets delayed at the PO (and how often that seems to happen!) and blames the seller....:cursing:

    Either way, the moral of the story is that once again, Ebay and Paypal win. You keep doing what you have to do to make it work for you. There's a suggested letter from another thread that could be included with a sale to inform the buyer (in a friendly, non-threatening way) how the stars affect you, and if they think they have had good service could they please leave 5 stars? Might be worth a look...:thinking:
  5. No they don't. Under any other circumstances, 4 out of 5 is good. Many people never give a perfect score because "nobody is perfect." So they think a 4 is a great and fair rating.

    The way fBay's system blowZ. I think there's little doubt about that. How can a system in which a 4.3 = probation and a 4.1 = failure be fair?

    (source: fBay)

    To ensure a minimum performance standard from all sellers, eBay requires sellers to maintain at least a 4.3 average for each DSR (Item as described, Communication, Shipping time, and Shipping and handling charges).

    • Sellers with one or more DSR below 4.3 may be subject to lowered standing in search results.
    • Sellers with one or more DSRs below 4.1 will be restricted from listing until their DSRs improve. [How can the DSRs improve if the seller is restricted from listing? Am I missing something?]

  6. And on top of that... buyers can leave positive feedback but without giving stars... ???!!! what nonsense is that? so you have positive feedback but it doesn't help because you don't get the DSR...
  7. I think some people are just stingy. You can have a perfect item, great communication, free shipping, etc and people are just mean enough to give you a 4.
  8. I never knew about the need to give all fives until I read this forum. I occasionally gave fours (and once or twice, threes). I will give all fives if I have had a pleasant and hassle-free experience.

    I received a note with something I bought from eBay today, and it explained that four stars = not that great on eBay.
  9. I too, ship within 24 hrs of receiving payment and offer free shipping. I am a power seller, but about every 2-3 mos, eBay takes away my search standing because someone left only 4 stars.......on my other id, my shipping stars are 4.6 and on that id, everything goes out free and same day. Who knows why eBay did this? Because they can.
  10. Hi. I thought I would share this with everyone ... when I send the tracking information I also include this note or a similar note:

    If you are happy with your bag and my service will you please leave me positive feedback with 5 stars? 5 stars is the most important, anything less than all 5 stars (just one 4 in any category) and ebay will/can suspend my account for a year! I will leave you positive feedback as well. Thank you so much for buying from me!!!

    I have been blessed with great buyers who gave me all 5 stars. I do offer free shipping (USA residents) but I also pride myself in communicating with the buyer and I ship within a day. My dsr's about to plummet though since some crazy, money hungry, scammer/buyer insists a bag I sold her is a fake ... but that's another thread!

    Anyway, hope you can use my note to your advantage!

  11. Thanks for sharing your note. I think it's a great idea to let buyers know that 4 stars is not a good thing though you wouldn't get suspended for getting one 4 rating...thank goodness! Plus I think when they do suspend a seller, it is for a month, not a year.
  12. Thanks ladies! I think a lot of buyers just don't know better. But it's gotten ridiculous! I've been giving free International Express shipping (costing me at least $25 and sometimes 30 or 40) and buyers are giving 4 stars. It's almost worth it to start charging for shipping again.
  13. I had absolutely no idea this was how ebay works. From now on I'm going to be way more generous. I only buy on ebay and hardly ever sell so this is a bit of a revelation.
  14. I read a couple of posts here and elsewhere of people getting suspended for a year, or until they can bring their dsr's up. *bay confirmed this. I personally would not get suspended for one 4 rating, I did not know this until last Monday. *bay said I could withstand a few all 0 ratings. I have a nightmare buyer & that's why I have asked all these questions of ebay ... don't want you to think I am some paranoid nut job calling ebay for no reason! lol