Bad Mommy, That's Me

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  1. I feel so bad, I have had my Pampylonne/Plage sitting in the SCP store for a week & a half. It is all boxed up, paid for & waiting for me to go get it.but I have kind of been avoiding going to pick it up. When I first went to pick up my GM it was so massive that i couldn't handle it. Seriously, I could have put a Basketball in there & it would have fit with room to spare:wtf: So I got a credit & had them get a PM from the Rodeo drive store for me, I was really excited about it too. ..... Now the problem.

    :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    My regular SA wasn't in & the guy that helped me was not that great, I had a problem with my groom wallet and what he did really freaked me out! It wasn't the silk screening that was the problem, it was the actual coating on the back of the wallet. It had peeled up just a tiny bit where a stitch was. When I asked if it was anything to worry about, he laughed & w/o asking me he pulled the coating off :wtf: !! I don't know if that was a good thing to do or not, but it freaked me out that he would do that w/o asking me. The SA then handed it back, said "fixed" and walked away leaving me dumbfounded. Now I will probably go in & pick up my bag tomorrow, my husband is going in to Irvine to see a client & wants me to come & have lunch with them, but I can't seem to muster up any excitment over one of my very favorite things to do.
    Sorry that was so long, but i just needed to get it out in hopes that it will help me mmuster up some LV desire.:sad:
  2. I can't believe the SA did that...I would've cringed in horror.

    Aww, I hope you pick up your bag! I wouldn't let that little incident get to you (even though I'm not an avid fan of SCP LV)...
  3. I don't know what to say--I'd be speechless at that SA's behavior too. How does he keep his job? I feel for you.:heart:
  4. Thank's gals, I have been kind of obsessing over whether or not to complain. I don't want to make any waves until after the Miroir comes in, don't want to jeopordise my place on the list, but I think he was a real [​IMG] !!
  5. I think I would've cried! His behavior is appalling, I'm so sorry you experienced that.
  6. Oh, try to enjoy your lunch with hubby and the anticipation of your beautiful new bag! :yes: Will your SA be there when you go in, so you can avoid "Mr Fixit"???:rolleyes: Hope so....
  7. I've never seen the bag you have waiting for you. Can you post a photograph?

    As for that SA...I'd call the store manager and ask that he/she either order me a new wallet or send the "damaged" one away to be resealed. He must have been high on crack. :cursing:
  8. woooah, are you serious!? god I wouldve yelled at him! Also I cant get over how wrong the little smiley face ontop of the turkey looks, jumping up and down ahhah
  9. I'll post as soon as I get home. I'm getting excited again:yahoo: thanks ladies!! I want to ask for a new wallet, but feel like I may be kicked off the Miroir list if i do :hysteric: Maybe I'll write a letter after they come in.
  10. :wtf: Thats just crazy!!!!!! I would of gasped and then demanded another one right away!!!!!! What is up with all these awful SAs......:cursing:
  11. Yikes, i can't believe the SA did that - WOW, "FIXED" - yikes!!!!
  12. I would def. complain AFTER you get your mirror.

    That SA was a jerk! I am so sorry you had to deal with that:sad:
  13. Wow. Did not expect that at all.
  14. Wait but if you complain after the miroir, then wont they tell you you should have complained when it happened?
  15. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!