BAD Magenta 08 Batch??

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  1. I know many pf'ers have mentioned that the 08 Magentas have pretty uneven leather. I have a gsh money in magenta and didn't think it was too bad, perhaps because it was on a wallet. I went to NM Newport today and totally saw the difference today. They had a flat wristlet gsh clutch and that leather compared to the city and first was incredible. They looked like two different colors. The clutch looked pinker and the city/first looked purple. I so want a first with good leather but am considering the flat clutch because the leather looked so much better. The SA even stated it was a bad batch. Is there such a thing? :wtf:
  2. Maybe? You never know or maybe they tried going for that??

    Love your Ab Fab avatar by the way!!
  3. thanks fiji
  4. I've seen the Newport Beach inventory myself and am not impressed with their magenta 08 leather at all. But when I look at the magenta on or just on fleebay in general, their magenta leather is similar to the Newport Beach batch. It is true even when I called and asked BalNY. So I wouldn't say that it was just a bad batch, I'd say that's the overall look. It may not appeal to you and me, but may appeal to others. Who knows?

    In terms of looking for a handbag, I would stick with your first choice in terms of design and maybe go for BG pink? Or some other color. I'd think function first (what you want to use the bag for), then choose the color/ leather combo.