Bad LV purchase from eBay :( Avoid this Seller!

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  1. Okay so I'm a victim of bait & switch for the first time :rant: I will post this in the BAD SELLERS section as well but I just want to get everyone's attention so everyone will know to avoid this nuthead.

    I won an auction for Manhattan PM from this seller "luv2shopglam". Her name is Leandra Navarro and she's in California. Bag was described as BRAND NEW with PLASTICS on handles and the pictures show that too. Here's the link to the auction:

    To cut the long story short it took me 1.5 months before I receive my bag, and when I finally did, no box, no plastics on handles, & the bag I got is NOT the bag in the picture. It's authentic, but a used bag with darkened handles, dirt & scuff on every corner, some stains, scratched hardware, also some pen marks & a lot of her hair inside the bag! :yucky:

    Here are pics of the bag I received:

    So I contacted the seller and she said she "can't believe how ungrateful I am!", because she gave me a great deal on this bag & why am I still complaining so much (her exact words)! I'm still fuming everytime I remember these words of hers. :mad: Can you believe it... what nerve she has! This is not the bag I agreed to purchase!

    I paid by cc through her merchant account & I’m still in the process of getting my money back. Seller said she will refund if I return the bag to her but she won't pay any shipping. Tried to get her to be responsible for shipping since I did nothing wrong, also proposed partial refund instead if she refused but she won't budge.

    So I just wanna share my experience so no PF member will get scammed by her. And I hope to remind everyone again that on eBay, what's on the picture may not be what you will get, even though the seller seems nice & has some positive fb for selling authentics. Always ask for reassurance that the bag in the picture is what you will receive! I communicated with this seller prior to buying, all felt fine, & she has good feedback for selling some authentic LVs, so I thought it was okay. But boy was I wrong!

    Thank you for reading this post :idea:
  2. Loven,

    I took a look at your photos and CANNOT believe this seller!!! I would fight, fight, fight to get my money back! You should def. not have to incur any shipping cost! Did you pay through Paypal? If so you can ask for a refund via that method.
  3. Thanks for sharing your story. Pretty nervy seller!:rant: :censor: :mad: Rest assured, this person is added to my block list. I hope you get ALL your money back, including shipping. Take care!
  4. :excl:OMG! i'm so sorry!!!
    the bag on the auction is BNWT, but yours is terribly used!!:yucky:
    I hope you get your money back!!
  5. Leave her a negative!!!
  6. OMG, there's lots of hair in that bag:sick: You've definitely got someone or something's DNA.

    Sorry you're having to go thru this. Hopefully it will get settled soon:yes:
  7. That's disgusting!
    Even if she would have sold the bag as used, she can't ship it to the buyer in that nasty condition, that's just gross!!! :yucky:
    So sorry your eBay-purchase turned out like that.
  8. GROSS!!! Why not sell the bag as "USED"! WTH?! At least it wasn't a plastic fake! I hope you get you $$$ back!!! Keep us posted!
  9. OMG, I can't believe that she had to nerve to say how ungrateful you are. Even though it's real, it's still not the purse that's pictured on the auction. And it took you over a month to get the bag in the mail? WOW.....
  10. i seriously almost threw up when i saw the hairs!! :sick:
    that is disgusting!!! :mad:
  11. it looks like it has been worn for one month.
  12. Why didn't you just ask for a money back after 2 weeks waiting for it?
  13. You need to get ALL your money back..that is one seriously USED bag and she specifically stated in the auction that is was NEW....
  14. Ewww, the hair is gross!:sick:
  15. The nerve of her!!! :rant: And those hairs are SO nasty!!! I'm sorry you have to deal with her. Hope you get all your money back.
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