Bad LV Customer Service - TPF Oath

  1. There seems to be an alarming trend lately of incredibly poor service at LV. This may have something to do with staff turnover. My boutique experienced nearly 100% turnover of its SAs. Regardless, that's absolutely no excuse to treat a customer badly. And some of you have been practically abused simply because you wanted to browse or, heaven forbid, buy something.

    It's time to take a stand.

    Starting now, I urge each and every one of you to take this oath. Post it to your refrigerator. Stick a copy in your purse (whether it's an LV or not). But absolutely, definitely take it to heart. If nothing else, you'll feel better. But maybe, just maybe, we can get LV to take a long, hard look at it's customer service.

    1. I will not tolerate being ignored when I walk into an LV boutique. If I have been waiting an excessively long time, I will interrupt SAs chatting amongst themselves or with other customers.

    2. If the SA who is attempting to help me is not giving a good faith effort, I will stop him or her and ask for another SA or a manager.

    3. If the service I am receiving embarrasses me or upsets me, I will not simply take it and feel badly about it afterwards. I will voice my discomfort or unhappiness to the store's management. If it is the manager, I will get his/her name and complain to the regional manager. If someone is supposed to feel badly, why should it be me -- especially when all I'm doing is trying to browse or buy?

    4. If Step 3 does not work, I will put my complaint into writing and I will follow up until I receive some sort of response, preferably an apology.

    Finally, if you receive really good service please make it a point to comment to management as well. Explain WHY the service was good.

    Be strong and shop well.
  2. True story....

    Today at LV, I saw a male SA chatting with a customer who didn't seem like she's shopping or browsing. They were just chatting and at a corner.

    True stuff.

    Granted the store was somewhat empty, but It's LV not the local Starbucks.
  3. :smile: :smile:
  4. I totally agree that you should always get premium service, but it's not the SAs joob to always contact customer first. Some customers prefer to browse.

    Some of the examples that have been posted here are truly horrible, but when reading some I keep wondering if people expect to be carried around when in an LV or sometimes body language/intention misunderstood.

    What if she was in for a BIG order? It's just stuff like this I had in mind about above.. ... :nogood:
  5. Liberte, a simple "May I help you?" is never out of line -- at least to me.

    As for what Hulksmash said, it depends. If it was me and I was waiting to be helped and it looked like just a social conversation, I wouldn't be too happy. What if it was you?
  6. ^
    It happens all the time that the SAs are busy with other customers. I never think of my own business as far more important than others', no matter how much of the conversation I eavesdrop. :upsidedown: I'd just go admiring some of the other things in the store or sit down reading some of the catalogues of books... If I'm in a hurry I'll go ask someone, it's not that hard.

    I hope you don't feel like I*m attacking your thread. I think it's a great aubject and important to never let Sas put you down. =)
  7. I went to LV store in South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA a few times and I had been ignored by SAs almost every time I was there. Last time I went there, I wanted to buy some purse. But after being ignored for 10 minutes, I decided to leave and buy Chanel instead. FYI, I never got out of the house without neat and nice outfit. So, I don't really know what was up with these LV'SAs.
  8. I've been lucky, I'm a 'regular' at my local boutique, so I know most of the staff.....but the points listed above are good to remember for those that get the shaft by the sales associates........
  9. My mom, SA and I do this all the time since we don't always get in the store, especially when it's empty like that. I don't really see what the problem is unless they were just gossiping.
  10. I have yet to do (4) once I clear things up a bit with my SA just to get the complete story next week. Then after the holidays, I'm going bye-bye-bye (OMG! N-sync LOL!!!) from my local boutique. I love all the staff members there except for one person who bothers me a lot. So when I really really really need to buy something from LV, I'll go get it from HK, NY or Paris during my usual summer travels. I could have saved a lot of money if I bought from these boutiques, but I've always wanted to give the business to my local boutique just because of the excellent service. Now that I don't feel like I"m being appreciated anymore, I think it's time roam off to another brand.
  11. well spoken
  12. I haven't experienced bad service from LV but I usually buy most of my LV items from the same store and SA, so when I walk into my store, most of the SAs know me which is really nice!

    But, I do feel bad for any tPFer who has experienced bad service at an LV store or at any other retail store! No one deserves to be treated badly by a SA. If for some reason you are treated rudely, don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and ask to speak with a manager to voice your complaint.

    I do remember an incident along time ago at a department store when I was in college. I purchased an item that was suppose to be mailed to my home. I never got it so I went to talk to the customer service dept. at the store. The customer service rep. was a major b**ch to me and actually started to yell at me, so I started to yell back. I got so upset that I asked to speak to the store manager to complain about the customer service rep. As I was telling the manager about what happened, I started to cry since I was so upset. The store manager apologized for the customer service rep's behavior and said that she would handle the matter.

    The store gave me a credit back to my credit card for the merchandise that never arrived at my home. But, ironically, the package arrived at much later date (they didn't have any tracking info on the package) and I kept the merchandise even though I had received a credit from the store.

    I know, I know... I should have returned the merchandise to the store since I had received a credit, but I was so upset at the time about how I was treated by the customer service rep. that I decided to keep the merchandise. I know that wasn't the right thing to do but at the time I wasn't thinking clearly.

    That is the only bad incident I have ever had at a retail store....
  13. That's what I'm talkin' about. It's OK for SAs to chat with customers but it's totally rude to ignore customers completely based on a snap judgment about their appearance or whatever.

    I'm not saying we have to be rude but we should be assertive. You are not less important than any other customer.
  14. Next time I go to the boutique to get something for sure. I will be dressed crappy and see what happends (I don't think I'll get bad service but I really want to try it) lol
  15. totally agree on this. i see my SA at the most 5 times a year (i have to fly to see her) and we do catch up for a while. i think it really depends on the situation.

    i'm starting to think that my ignoring instances were because i was carrying too small LV bags. couple years ago i went to the boston copley boutique. i was carrying my MC pochette and was ignored, on more than one occasion no less. this past october i went there carrying my neo cabby, 3 SAs asked me if i need help. on all occasions i wasn't dressed very formally either. just a nice top, jeans, and sneakers.