bad LV bag quality, only in the US?

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  1. After seeing a few negative things here, the best one was a screw falling out, how hard is it to screw in a screw? I've been wondering if the bags that have these faults were made in the US? Or does LV only make all of its bags in strictly in france? If so maybe its a case of bad quality control in the US.

    Unless people in europe have that problem too.
  2. ya thats the worst i've heard so far, none of my LV bags are made in the us and they don't have any problems... i've had other brands thats given me trouble, miu miu (hardwear), dior (stitching) , gucci (screw) =(
  3. All my bags were made in France and I haven't had any problems.
  4. I wonder if the bags from France are better made or better quality controlled?
  5. yeah i sorta thought that, I mean is it true then that they also make the bags in the US? I know the majority of people on the forum are american so with more people you always get more chances for faults, I just haven't heard any from any europeans yet.
  6. I have had both a speedy 25 made in France and a speedy 25 made in USA and I saw no difference in quality. Also a few of my MC bags are made in the USA and they have the same quality as the France ones....maybe it is only with the newer ones?
  7. I have a lot of pieces made in the USA and haven't noticed any difference at all in quality. In fact, my BH (the bag I use the most, bang around, whatever) is in great condition and was made in the USA.
  8. Wait for Label Addict to show up, she's had a couple of bags made in other countries (Italy I believe for the Corsaire, and France or Spain for her Miroir Speedy) and she's in the UK.
  9. I have a MC Rita which is made in France, unfortunately the screw of the hook on the chain of the strap fell out. What's worse is that it was its first day out and that horrible thing happened! I was about to transfer from one seat to another when I noticed the strap was already disconnected from the bag. So when I looked at it, the screw was gone, but fortunately I found it on the floor! But the spring was missing! I was looking all over the place, and people kept looking at me! That was really embarrassing! They might even think that I have a fake purse! So i have no choice but to return it to the boutique, and they exchanged it for another strap. (However, they got my personal info, and I was thinking that they might use it to ban me forever in LV!!! Since I've just exchanged my defective Ursula for Rita a few days before this happened. They might think that I did it on purpose.) With such an expensive bag, LV should at least make sure that everything that comes out from their factory is 99% perfect. (I can only imagine the people at the restaurant thinking "She's so arrogant for carrying such an expensive bag, good thing it happened to her." :crybaby:)
  10. If anything, it's probably a quality control issue; I can't see how one country makes better things over another country. I've owned accessories from France, Spain and the US and I haven't had any serious issues. Actually, the most recent issue I've had was when my zippy wallet's (which was originally made from Spain) zipper tarnished in the center immediately after a week of use...and then it completely tarnished by the end of the month. I got it replaced with a zippy wallet made in has yet to tarnish; I"ve owned it for nearly 4 months now. However, I used to have a cles that *was* made in Spain; I've owned it for a year and it never tarnished.
  11. I refuse to buy American-made LVs on a cost and heritage issue, not a quality one. That said, I've never had a problem with any of my LVs, which were made in France, Spain, and Scotland.
  12. i got a bad lv bag quality.. oh man..
  13. I purchased a Trevi which was made in France and the leather trim all around the top was "wrinkled" it looked like the leather was warped. I kow this happended with several Trevis as people posted about it on here. I returned it for a normal one. My other bags (France & USA) are fine.
  14. I don't believe that it makes a difference where an LV is made; I think imperfect items slip through quality control in all locations.
  15. Hmm...we still havent have a definite answer yet.