Bad Luck With USPS Lately.....

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  1. #1 Feb 25, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2014
    I've recently started a thread about USPS not updating my returned package status.

    This is the thread in case you are curious:

    Yesterday, I had sent another returned package to the seller in Laguna Beach, CA which is very close to me. Estimated Delivery date is today 2/25

    This morning I checked tracking and it showed as OUT FOR DELIVERY but in ALISO VIEJO, CA instead of Laguna Beach, CA --- the zip code is different than what I wrote on the package.

    I had purchased Signature Confirmation -- when I clicked on Proof of Delivery so that they can email me the signature.... it shows as "Your item has been delivered; however, we are still compiling your Proof of Delivery record. We will provide it as soon as it is available."

    Then they sent me an email and it says: "The following is in response to your Feb 25 request for delivery information on your Signature Confirmation item number ######. The Delivery record shows that this item was delivered on Feb 25 at 9:48 am in Laguna Beach, CA to Q. Carrera. There is no delivery signature on file for this item. Thank you for selecting the Postal Service for your mailing needs ect...

    Whaat? I paid for signature confirmation and what the heck is going on? So now I have no proof of delivery ---- Tracking still shows out for delivery in Aliso Viejo, CA not even Laguna Beach, CA -- zip code is completely different and now apparently it is already delivered but no signature on file?

    I am so frustrated at the moment...

    This item is $486.00 so I need that signature for my refund.... wtf is going on? :sad:

    My other package in my other thread is not updating at all the tracking of even reaching the seller's state and that package was $800.00 -- no updates - no signature so far and its already passed the expected delivery date.

    Am I seriously going to be out $1286.00 for USPS not updating their system and not getting signature when I purchased signature confirmation??

    I have not sold anything in a while -- these are two returned packages... one sent on Friday 2/21 and one sent yesterday 2/24.... both are having problems ... Wow...
  2. Not surprised at all. I bought something from the US, tracking showed it was despatched 1st August 2013. I finally received it on Saturday 21st February in the UK. It was delivered via Puerto Rico! Figure that out!
  3. Okay, Tracking just updated to Delivered in Laguna Beach, CA and now they had just emailed me the signature --- What the heck ..... I am soo relieved this one is done with --- now for the other one to update.... sighhh
  4. USPS uses hand held scanners when delivering packages. These scanners store all the info internally. In order for that info to show up online, the info from the scanners has to be "downloaded/uploaded". That often does not happen until the very end of the day or sometimes even the next day.
  5. I've had a lot of problems with USPS tracking. Often it is way behind the actual status. But since I've been selling on eBay, about 6 months or so, every package has been accurately delivered. It often takes four days, even if I've paid for two day Priority Mail.

    I've had one or two day delivery only if the recipient is very near me geographically.

  6. I had the same issue happen last week. I purchased insurance and signature confirmation, the package was delivered but without signature confirmation!

    Fortunately, the buyer emailed me letting me know that the item arrived safely.

    I received the same email that you did ("There is no delivery signature on file for this item") and USPS tracking never did update with a signature. I called my local USPS and was told to bring my receipt down and they'd issue me a refund for signature confirmation.

    This makes me quite hesitant on using USPS in the future.
  7. Wow so they never got the signature at all? At least for me they emailed me the signature later.... I think I will use UPS from now on just in case... if they never got the signature for me I may never get my refund... scary thought >.<
  8. No, they never did get the signature.

    I had this happen within the past year, as well. I had to call the Post Office (That of the buyer) and ask if the postal carrier could go back out and get the signature. It took about a week because the buyer was rarely there.

    I don't understand why we're paying for these services and not receiving them, it's terribly frustrating.

    Fortunately, they were able to get a signature for your refund.