BAD LUCK with Perle Vernis Agenda!!!


Luvin my new horsie
May 26, 2006
Man, I love that agenda, but remember it came to me naked wrapped in tissue and then I had to special request the box and dustcover. Well, during the moving commotion, somehow I tossed the first 3 months of my LV 07 pages.... ugh... so, today, took Perle to go by cheaper filofax for just what I lost..that was hard enough.... but then I dropped it, which shouldn't have been a big deal. But, when I got back to my car, the spine had completely broken off. The whole little binder thing came detached. I think I'm going to try to return it or at see if they'll repair it. I've only used it a few times, I've been using lavender, and decided to change to Perle for Christmas. Totally sucks for a $300 agenda. Should be able to take a little bump without falling to pieces... don't you think???

I thing once the whole Christmas thing is done, I'll call Angela at Valley Fair and ask her what she thinks. Really sucks cause I love it, at least I still have Indigo and Lavender to use....:hysteric: :sad: :hysteric: :crybaby: :crybaby:
Yep. It's just been bad luck all the way around, I think I would exchange it for the mono koala with rose interior... that's what I'm gonna ask. Otherwise, it's in perfect condition, and has only been used 3 times... man, that perle is pretty, but I have the Bedford and cles... I'll see about the exchange when SA's aren't so stress with Christmas... thanks pinki and ghost!
oh that stinks!

i have been loving perle lately- does anything transfer onto it? i know nothing about vernis. i can't decide what piece i want. i can pretty much only afford a cles but i would kill for a wallet.
Aww.. no ! That's really bad, I would definitely call since for 300$, you'd expect something to definitely be able to take a little fall.
Sorry Vee. This perle agenda has put you through the paces, I'll say.
Very high maintenance little girl you have there...
I'd call your SA and I would think they'll replace and/or repair her for you.
Good luck!:yes:
I'm sorry to hear about your beautiful agenda!! :sad:

DEF. take it into LV when the holidays are over and exchange it.

Good luck, and I can't wait to see pics of your new loot!! :smile: