Bad luck or bad item?

  1. I've been trying to sell my Monogram Mini Digital Cover for the last two weeks. Every time I list it there are at least 5 people watching, but none bidding :evil:. So I relisted it yesterday for the third time after it ended with no bids. I've also posted it in the Marketplace section of this forum.

    Is there any other way I can sell it besides on eBay and the forum? I really want to sell it so I can get a Wapity. Any suggestions?
  2. The resale value for mini monogram items seems to be pretty crummy, so it just may be a not so in demand item. Sorry, I don't really have any ideas. You could maybe try offering the best offers choice on your item ?
  3. Maybe do the best offer thing. I've had the same trouble with books and clothes though lol. I have about 3 or 4 watchers the whole time its up for bid, then it just ends with no winning bidder.
    I know it's up to the bidder what they want to do, but if I get to about a day before the auction ends and I know I'm not going to bid, I just take it off my watch list.
  4. i personally love mini monogram. the prices for their stuff is more expensive but the 2nd hand value or popularity not as high
    a few mths ago. i saw a practically almost brand new black one that was sold for only about $205? i wanted to buy but he wouldn't ship overseas. bummer
  5. I was trying to find your thread in the Market Place with no luck.... Could you post the link, pls?? Tks!!
  6. Aww, I'm sorry it didn't get any bids. Hopefully someone here will give it a good home:smile: On eBay, ppl watch for a whole lot of reasons.. Sometimes it's coz they're kinda interested and curious to see what it would fetch, sometimes they're the competition seeing if yours will sell at a certain price. Sometimes it's just ppl who may be considering it, trying to compare it with something else on their watchlist. You could turn the watch number count off in your eBay options coz they do give u a false sense of hope.

    Good luck on the sale! Er.. btw, how do u pronoune your nick?

    ETA: Cece31, the link is here:

    Yeuxhonnetes: to gain more interest in your auction on eBay, you could sell "worldwide" or to say US, UK and Australia (don't forget us Aussies!) Lots of eBay sellers state they'll post to US and EU but not AU!! The only reason I see some of these auctions at all is coz I log in to the US eBay at times:smile:
  7. Thank you for the links, girls :biggrin: and good luck with the auction!!
  8. Hi,

    May be you should lower the starting price and have reserve price. Sometime when people bid on something they will keep bidding and totally in love with the item and grew in them. Good luck
  9. i agree with bagsnbags that maybe a lower starting price would induce more peopel to bid....and it would probably go up to that amount (or you could set a reserve)....i don't think it's a bad item at all....when i saw the interior shot of it at eluxury i thought it was adorable....maybe post the eluxury picture with stuff inside so people get an idea of how much it holds?......because that's the picture that made me really like it :P
  10. AT LONG LAST!!!

    i FINALLY managed to sell my Digital Cover. true, it was for a measly $275 -- a good $100 less than what i bought it for 6 months ago :hrmm: -- but it was the only bid and i'm glad to have finally sold it.

    PS: resell prices for the Mini Monogram are lousy :evil:
  11. Grats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that's a big weight lifted off your shoulders. I had the hardest time selling my LV's and Gucci's for some reason and those were in high demand!!!!!!!!! It's frustrating but worth it in the end!
  12. Congrats on the sale!
  13. Congrats ! Now you can get a wapity ! :biggrin: