Bad Luck for me!!!

  1. I saw this nylon quilted purse for $480 ish and wanted to get it right away. Before you know it while I pull out my credit card, it's no longer awailable!!! CRYING......:crybaby:
  2. BTW I saw that at bluefly.
  3. hurry...i just saw it again!
  4. no It still shows not available.
  5. I have that bag. Its such a chic and gorgeous bag. I hope you get it!
  6. That one is smaller size of this bag. The one Tulip wants is the larger size. This style comes in at least three different sizes. I've got the largest one in brown.

    Here's the largest one in Black at R.N.:

    Tulip: Keep watching Bluefly. They've been getting a lot of this style, but you literally have to check into the site several times a day, if possible. That's how I scored my brown one. :tup:
  7. If you were looking on bluefly, it's back up today.
  8. Thanks a lot purseinsanity, prada psycho and solitude for your support!!! I didn't know this purse comes in 3 sizes. I definitely like to large one. You know, I felt in love with this purse after I saw Prada psycho's posting!!:heart::heart: I will keep looking.
  9. I have the large one and it fits tons of stuff!!! And so smooshy too!!!
  10. Anyone see this bag on sale at your shop or online ?? Please let me know!! Thanks!!
  11. Have you checked bluefly again? You can usually get a 10-20% off code there!
  12. It's been on Bluefly the past two days.
  13. OH! Do you have a discount code?
  14. Check under the Deals and Steals subforum..there's a section in there for BF discount codes.