Bad luck! Does this apply, or am I cursed?

  1. I love the look of Fendi bags, but I've had terrible luck with them breaking on me! Either they peel or the zipper breaks or some other disaster happens. Is it just me??? Do I have a Fendi curse on me??? I'm reluctant to buy a spy bag, even though I think they're really fabulous.

    :wtf: :sad: :hysteric:
  2. ah, I feel for you, its awful to spend so much of our hard earned money and then find its not right.
    I would not let it put you off, but I would make sure that you buy it from a store that has a fantastic returns service (I also believe that Fendi offer a one year guarantee on damage or defects) so you would be covered if you bought a new bag :smile:
    Best of luck if you decide to go ahead
  3. Oh no, I am sorry you haven't had much luck with Fendi! My spy bags have held up pretty well, no peeling whatsoever! You should really give the spy bag a try. The leather is TDF!!!
  4. So far so good for me!
  5. My mom's started peeling at the handles after 1 month of use and Holt Renfrew exchanged it.