Bad Luck - Dark Red 227 from NM

  1. Some of you know me, and when I want something I can drive SA's quite crazy about it. Today I was trying to confirm with NM that my Dark Red 227 would arrive soon.

    Well the NM that I was waitlisted at just called to let me know that their store only ordered the medium size (A37587 $2695). My next question "which NM will get the large A37590 that retails for $2850"? Her answer, NONE!!!:crybaby:

    Can someone please confirm?
  2. Ohhh no Mon, that sucks! :sad: I need to call the NM I'm waitlisted at. When I spoke with the SA, I specifically asked her if the price of red reissue I waitlisted for was $2850, and she said yes. :confused1:
  3. me too! There is only one size that NM ordered, the 227 size. What is going on?
  4. I looked at the NM lookbook in person, there is only one size available and that is size 227 ($2850). Thus, I have been waitlisted for that one (even though I want 225 / 226) .... :confused1:
  5. I'm sure my NM is getting the 227/A37590. They just didn't get a lot of them.
  6. I agree,NM short hills said they are getting the 227 red! hmm, good luck on finding it
  7. Me too. I specifically said I wanted the large size, $2850 and she said they is what they were getting. Though I haven't heard from her and I don't think NM has gotten any yet.
  8. I guess I'll have to start making some phone calls.
  9. I am waitlisted for it at 4 NM's and I was specifically told it was the A37590 for $2850, and when I called today to check on it, I was told that this was correct. Please let me know if you find out something different, because I am going to be upset if 4 stores have me waitlisted for the wrong bag. I hope we can figure this out.
  10. I can also confirm that NM Fashion Island only ordered the 227, I saw it in their lookbook yesterday. I really want the 225 (or settle for the 226) and I'm still expecting the boutique at SCP to get it even though I've been reading here on tpf that only Hawaii is getting the dark red, but I've spoken to 3 SA's at SCP who are definite that they are getting the dark red, they even showed me the color swatch. So I'm just crossing my fingers!
  11. I'm sure somehow you'll end up with one.:smile:
  12. I confirmed with NM BH on Tuesday that they're getting the dark red A37590. My SA was very clear that this style number is 227.
  13. my SA from NM Dallas told me different Neiman's carry different bags.
  14. o, no Mon... I can't believe they didn't tell you this earlier.

    No worries though, I know that you are just that in love with this metallic red that there's no way you won't get your hands on one!

    I'm sure it'll work out, and you WILL GET THAT BAG! :yes: sending good Chanel vibes your way :heart:
  15. That sounds suck, sorry to hear dat, i hope u are able to get the size of 227!