Bad Luck and my PHH!

  1. I ordered a Pierre Hardy handbag from Barney's and a YSL handbag from Bergdorf's and had then sent overnight so the FedEx man would deliver them to me before my husband got home from work tonight.

    Then, guess what happened????? Unbelieveably, unfortunately, he decided toTAKE THE DAY OFF!:tdown:

    This is going to be a terribly stressful day for me, trying to hide the FedEx truck from my PHH!:wtf:
  2. Urgh stressful!!

    can you get him to run an errand or something??

    some of the gals here have REALLY GOOD excuses for fedex delivery.... maybe they'll come along and offer some.....

    how about, oh i tried to sell it on eBay but the seller returned it .....

    or it's sheets .... LOL i think someone used that ....

    good luck!!!
  3. Oh, I never thought of that....I could tell him I bought towels or sheets or something like that! Never occurred to me. Thanks for the idea.

    I forgot to mention in my first post that Barney's requires a signature, so wouldn't you know that's going to add even more time for the truck to be in my driveway! What should have been an exciting day for me is turning into a nightmare!

  4. LOL Adds to the excitement!!! :p

    well maybe you can get him to look into a weird bathroom smell/noice and keep him busy when you hear the truck....

    tell us how it goes!!
  5. Do you have a dog, or even child you can take for a walk and intercept the wagon?
  6. Wow...great idea! Lie to your husband.

    Why do you have to hide your purchases from him?
  7. have him run to the grocery store for you... give him a LOOONNNGGG list of groceries you need and then you can make him a wonderful dinner when he gets back ;)
  8. ^ preferably something obscure so it'll take him a LOooooooong time to find. =)

    Riffraff, i like your idea... i can just imagine LeeLee running around the neighborhood asking "Can i borrow your kid/dog for a 10 min walk around Xpm ?"


    OH LEELEE i just thought, can you go pick it up from the fedex main dispatch center instead??? that way you could leave it in the car or it'd be easier to disguise if you put them in ratty wal mart shopping bags! LOL
  9. Charles does have a point though!
  10. OK.....Do a Jill.....Give him a long grocery list and send him to the store...LMAO

    I no longer have to hide purchases but I have to was kinda fun in an evilish kinda way when I had to...LOL!
  11. I can't tell from your posts if you're joking about how concerned you are that your husband will find out. My husband doesn't like it either, and I don't bother sharing every purchase with him, but if he's home when UPS comes, the extent of my concern would be him asking, I reply, and him rolling his eyes. If you are really that apprehensive and going to the extent of lying...well, just something to consider. Purse arriving days should be happy days.
  12. Well I live at home with my parents:push:, and i have to hide from them and i almost always tell the i was on a waitlist and i ordered it MONTHS ago and it just came today (and then try and "remind" them i told them about it already)
  13. AHHHH! No idea what you should do.. besides NOT panic LOL.. GOOD LUCK lol! :nuts:
  14. Why, what is going to happen if he finds out?
  15. Tell him that it's something you bought him for Christmas on a good sale and he is not allowed to look at it. Then you have six months to find a substitute gift.:p