Bad luck again on eBag

  1. I won a Prada handbag and wallet on eBay recently. The seller described them as "brand new", except a tiny blemish which had been mentioned in seller's description for the handbag, no other imperfections were detailed in its description.

    However, when I got both the items, they are full of blemishes like rips, scratches and abrasions which are all far from the reasonable expectations of "brand new" conditions.

    I therefore made a refund request to the seller but he claimed rudely that both items were "sold-as-it" and no refund would be entertained. He also claimed that the items had not been used but were bought from Prada outlet so they were not in perfect condition. The seller even left me negative feedbacks full of personal attacks.:cursing::cursing::cursing:

    My case is now being reviewed by PAYPAL and I'm so irritated that I declared not to buy from eBay again even from those "Power Seller". Do you gals know how would PAYPAL judge these cases? I worry very much if I could get back the money as the handbag and wallet to me in such bad conditions were useless to me.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    Thanks in advance for all your advices.
  2. I am so sorry that this has happened but you have done the right thing by contacting Paypal. Please take photographs and send them to Paypal so that they can see what you are talking about if you haven't already done so. Have you escalated this to a claim? If they see the photographs coupled with the listing l do not see that you will have any problem with getting your money back.

    I don't think that was very nice leaving you a negative feedback if you paid within their auction terms - he is obviously p*ssed off with the fact that you have raised the dispute but you are entitled to if it is SNAD:tdown: Good luck and l hope everything goes okay.
  3. Hey Bigbizinpurse,

    My first post...
    Know how you feel. I rec'd a bag on eBay listed as NWT (misleading) bc when bag was rec'd, it was OBviously carried, dog hairs galore and I have bigtime allergies. Sneezing soon as I opened box. Thinking of doing the claim process if seller doesn't write back to me. Giving her 1 day to resolve the issue first.

    Good luck with your dispute.
  4. I generally do not bid unless there is a refund policy. Just in case for next time maybe? That seller is a jackass... how rude! The neg feedback would have really grinded my nerves. Poor love.....
    I don't know how ebay will handle this unfortuantely. They're not the brightest bunch on the net. Good luck with this - hope all works in your favour hon.

    valcasjo - welcome to tpf!!!

  5. So sorry this happened to you, bigbiz - it is all too common, unfortunately. :sad:

    I'm almost positive that Paypal will find in your favour. :yes:

    Take loads of clear photos, ASAP (if you haven't already?), just in case you need proof and post very detailed descriptions of all the problems with the items and how their condition differs from the item descriptions in the auctions on the Payal dispute page. Also, be sure to post any correspondence between you and the seller.

    Be sure to do all this before you escalate to a claim (assuming you haven't escalated already, which I think you have done, haven't you?), as you can't add anything to the page, once you have escalated. After you have escalated to a claim, PP may ask for more details, which you must provide.

    BTW, 'Powerseller' means nothing. They are no more trustworthy (and sometimes less trustworthy) than non-Powersellers.

    Powerseller just means that the seller has sold a high number of items; not that they, or their merchandise, is vetted, or guaranteed, by eBay. The items they sell can often be fakes and/or damaged goods.
  6. You know some sellers don't know how to describe the condition of a bag properly. A seller can say they don't allow refunds but with Paypal support they may be required too. Was this seller a Powerseller? Feedback good? You should add them to the thread of sellers not to deal with!
  7. Thanks for all your words, it's so sweet to me.;)

    Yes, I did escalated it to a claim right after I saw the seller's negative feedback left on me, he's so rude and he angered me so much!
    So I had not coupled it with loads of photos, hope PAYPAL still rule in favour of me. The seller did respond to PAYPAL and so I could only wait for their judgement.
  8. THanks Coco.....

    Hey bigbizinpurse.

    I think you are entitled to a full refund including shipping cost to and from charged back to your Paypal acct. I got 15% back on mine after I posted pics, no claim. The seller was reasonable.

    Also, Powerseller status means the seller maintains 1K or 2K (i forget) in sales over two months. They can lose this at any time.

    Good luck with your claim.
  9. Here is a perfect example of how the new ebay policy (Sellers cannot leave Buyers a negative) will be a GOOD THING. I am both a buyer & a seller but I must admit that I am always scared to "cause waves" with a seller in fear that they will neg me. I think this just might be a good thing. We'll see.
    Sorry this happened to you! Ebay is NOT all bad though.. you really need to inspect your sellers- I always try and talk to them a bit and see how friendly they are or how fast they respond to me.. things like that. I really use my instincts and it's paid off so far.

    Trust me- I have had my share of items that are not properly described but at least the sellers I've worked with have always been nice and accommodating. I know this doesn't help you much after the fact and I know that some seller can pretend to be nice in the begining of the transaction but as a rule of thumb its always best to FEEL THEM OUT!

    I wish you luck!