bad layers?

  1. i got my haircut tonight but i'm really dissatisfied with the layers. its sort of chunky and uneven and it def doesn't look the same as the other side. should i get it corrected? or is it not that bad? i already went back once so i really don't want to get the same stylist but they told me that the correction needs to be done by the same stylist who did the original cut. what would you do? TIA!
  2. ok...Im gonna move this to beauty area..BUT first...
    Let me tell u a hint to your hair issues.She cut it while parted in the MIDDLE..according to your pic..u wear it to the side?ALL the time?
    I have to specifically tell the stylist to cut it TO THE SIDE.Otherwise it appears uneven if they cut on a middle part.

    so technically..she prob cut it even..just not the way u wear it..KWIM?
  3. I personally think it looks totally fine. Hard to see really clearly in the picture though.
  4. thanks for moving the thread.

    no, she cut it parted where it is now. i guess i just usually have it cut w/ a razor so that it is not so chunky like that. maybe i'm just not use to it.

    as long as it looks fine, i'm okay w/ it.
  5. It looks fine to me! Although if it is still to chunky and thick, then you should go to a salon and ask them to think your hair maybe. I'm not sure, but do you want your hair to have thin layers? If you get your hair thinned out the layers will be less chunky. It looks fine the way it is now though :smile:
  6. That shortest part is too chunky IMO. I would go to someone else and ask if they can angle that part a little more. It doesn't look bad; it just looks like she got a little sloppy with the razor. The cut/color is really cute otherwise!
  7. im gonna agree here...the shortest part needs to have more of an angle instead of almost straight across. you dont have to go back to the same stylist you can go anywhere and have that will only take a min!! good luck and let us know what you decide to do!
  8. sometimes chunky layers, because the hair isn't "thinned out", add more volume to your hair. Your hair looks nice, but you can always go back for a touch-up if you are not satisfied
  9. It looks alright but the shortest layer is cut straight down in a chunk when it should be more angled. My hair has looked similar after getting layers. I've given up. I now have my hair all one length. Since I can't find anyone that can cut it right.
  10. it looks good on you actually. I also had layers in hair as well, and i thought that it looked mesed up. apparently layers are hard to pull off. well now im trying to grow my hair back from it.

    but i really like how your hair looks
  11. thanks for all the opinions! i ended up going back and getting that first layer angled a bit more. i sort of have a shorter angled bang now. my first layer starts under my eyes now. it's a little shorter than i preferred (i like tucking my hair behind my ears) but i like the look better. i'll just let it grow. i'll try to post a picture later to show everyone.
  12. i agree w/ jill, your stylist probably cut your hair parted to the middle. have you tried that and is it still choppy?
  13. Glad to hear you got the cut worked out. I thought the shortest part looked too blunt. You hair looks pretty and the color is beautiful.
  14. I think a stylist that uses a razor needs to razor the edges so it isn't so blunt. I have learned that either the stylist can cut with a razor or not. So, if the original stylist only uses scissors than I doubt she/he can fix it.
  15. Glad to hear it worked out!