Bad Kitty! LOL

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  1. I walked in to grab my purse to go shopping and this is what I saw. Someone was playing with the leather tag on my new Tonal Patchwork Bleecker Tote that I JUST BOUGHT YESTERDAY! :wtf::wtf: Crazy Kitty...

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  2. Bad kitty! Sooo cute though! :smile:
  3. Very cute. BTW, love that scarf!
  4. Oh no.... kitty was caught in the act... she's so cute though and looks a bit contrite at having been caught playing with your new Coach.
  5. Oh your kitty is soo pretty!! Very cute!
  6. awww, your cat is so cute!
  7. That is why I never leave any of my bags on the floor.....
    My cat used to do the same thing with mine, luckily no carnage ever occurred.
    Keyfobs and keyrings were her favorite to take a swipe at. No more though!
    Everything to a cat is a play toy though so you have to be careful with your bags.
    Out of sight, out of mind.

    Cute kitty, I love calicos.
  8. haha your cat is so cute!
  9. Kitty needs a friend LOL!
  10. Your kitty is too cute! I have one too, he's a fat orange tabby and he also loves to play with the hang tags on my Coach, but I always try to keep them away from him!
  11. Great pics! I love calicos; we have 3 of them
  12. I have to hide my bags in my bedroom (where the cats can't go...long story) because if I don't they play with the hangtag, sniff the bag, drool on the bag (no joke), try to climb in the bag or sit on top of the bag. My cats are nuts!
  13. My cats are nuts too! They also love to sniff my Coach bags. :graucho:
  14. Awe another Calico Coachie
  15. I caught my Calico taking a nap on one of my bags yesterday. I'd pulled the bag from my closet to give it to my Mom. CP had another idea.