Bad Karman!!!!!!

  1. Ok guys...I have a confession.

    I took my trip counter down yesterday because I had enough money for my trip....$4000 CAD was all ready to go for my trip...

    BUT..Today...I just bought two more LVs, and now I'm back down to $1000 to save up plus about $400 CAD on my Visa--lol!

    *sigh* I can't stop buying! There are so many beautiful bags that I want to buy but I promise these two will be the absolute last before my trip.

    I still have until the end of April to save though, right? :rolleyes:
  2. AAAHHH! What did you buy? I see a lot of good deals pass me by when I am not planning to buy anything, and I just think, It wasnt meant to be!
  3. Oh boy....well, if you were able to save up once you can do it again...and April is still a ways away. I remember seeing your counter and there wasn't much left. Oh well...

    What bags did you end up getting?
  4. I'm sure you still have plenty of time to save. But no more bags...LOL. GOOD LUCK!!!
  5. What did you buy??? :graucho:
  6. LOL! :yahoo: Congrats on your new pieces. I'm sure in no time you save enough money for your trip. I know how it feels in trying to save money for a trip but I also got distracted and bought me something else. Enjoy your new pieces and do not give yourself to much hassle about it. :flowers:
  7. Wow, Karman! LV is such a horrible addiction! Hope you can save up before April!
    What did you buy anyway?:graucho:
  8. Yes, we have to know, what did you buy? Must have been good to cut down your trip money :graucho:
  9. good job lol :devil:
  10. Ahhh you guys! Maybe I should have buyer's remorse for one of them and get my money back so I don't have to save up that much! :p

    Well, let's see... neither of them are here yet, so obviously both are pre-loved but both are in mint condition as well...

    One is a [​IMG] ______________ ____ and the other is a [​IMG] ____________.


    Another reason why I decided to keep my Vanilla Jasmin because these two babies would be lonely without it!
    tpf1.jpg tpf2.jpg
  11. Those 2 squares are beautiful...LOL!

    ~ don't worry, you'll save again, LV is such a temptation! :heart:
  12. Don't feel bad, Karman, everytime I save up money for something else, I spend it on LV! Can't wait to see what you got, though! Congrats!
  13. aww! bad bad! it's ok. we understand. What did you get?
  14. ooh. i cant wait too see!
    but for your trips sake. try to lay off of the lv...
  15. you got a black passy........or a segur pm????:yahoo: