"Bad?" Influences?

  1. So, here's a fun topic!! :wlae:
    What items have you seen over and over again on TPF, in either action threads worn by our lovely ladies or on reference threads that have pushed you "over the edge" and "worn you downnnnn" into purchasing that item for yourself or seriously coveting it?

    Here are a few of mine. After looking at countless pics of Peanutbabycakes' yummy BJ Kelly (the one I've declined TWICE because it wasn't the right time,) I've decided that I must have one someday. :love:

    - Never thought I needed anything in Vert Anis Chevre until GF posted her Bolide 31. Now, I'm a gonner. Another must-have.

    This can also be a fun shout-out to our friends here who choose beautiful items and have fantastic taste!
  2. Great thread GT!

    ITA^^about PBC's BJ Kelly--after seeing the many gorgeous ways she's worn that baby, she's gotten me thinking about a BJ Kelly or a 30cm Birkin in BJ.

    Gina's and 24's stunning and classic Miel Croc Kellys--on my must-have list

    24's Ebene Togo Bolide--the inspiration for my Ebene Clemence Bolide.
  3. I am right there with you Greentea! Because of PBC, and a few other ladies' Blue Jean birkins, I MUST have one!

    I also now need to own a H croc watch!

    And last but not least, Shopmom's Gold Birkin drives me nuts! Love it!
  4. CBK and her Massai has left me yearning for one.....

    Tangle and her black Bolide......
  5. Oh gosh, how could I forget 24's Ebene Bolide? And that's going to be my next bag!!
  6. Gina_b's swift birkin makes me need something in SWIFT! I also agree on PBC's BJ kelly -- that's on the list as well lol! Well there are lots of things that are in my head thanks to the PF!!
  7. PBC's bj kelly got me thinking about a bj Birkin...;)
  8. Oh and I NEED a H croc watch too!

    The 'rainbow' thread, and I was a gonner....... I now have a vert anis clarisse GM, bj Ulysse notebook, cyclamen Agenda,....... and I am not stopping....

    AND the 'tweedie' thread- I HAVE ONE NOW!

    Joanna and her great pochettes...... I have most of them now....:roflmfao:

    Joanna's pochette ring..... have them in most colors:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    :wtf: easily led....
  9. Tangle's Black Bolide has me lusting, but I have to see it IRL and try it on!:love:

    GF's and Shopmom's Barenia Trim is another that makes me :drool:
  10. Pazt and 24, Faubourg and Orchids...and the "rainbow of colors"...had me purchasing A LOT of small bright leather goods...but I don't think of it as a bad influence, more like a GENTLE GUIDANCE.
  11. Oh and I NEED a H croc watch too!
    Me too :nuts:

    And a Turquoise Birkin:wlae:
  12. Sakara's collection just has me dreaming of croc birkins! It is just TDF! I can only wish.....
  13. THis forum makes me consider a whole lot of new brand sin a new light. Before getting here I hated Goyard (the design) but after seeing somepictures of someone carrying a white goyard I'm considering it. >_< I'm also discovering Hermes range of accessoires more, allthough I liked them already.
  14. Never thought of getting a Trim but now...just got my SA to keep a lookout for me for the 35.
  15. Right now I would have to say the must have for me is a watch..
    I must see it, I must have it, I must wear it... bad, bad, bad..