Bad Influence

  1. I am a new member to this site. You girls are a bad influence on me. I thought that I was addicted before, but now, I am not only addicted to Coach handbags, but also this site. I keep checking it all day looking what the newest purchase or tip. Its driving me crazy.(but I love it):heart:
  2. haha, I have to admit after i joined this site, i became Coach crazy. Welcome to TPF!!!
  3. I have been addicted for awhile, but after joining the purse forum, I realized there are other like me. Its like home to me.
  4. OMG, RUN!!!! just kidding! welcome, lovecoach! soon you will have all kinds of new nicknames---lovechanel, loveLV, lovehermes, loveprada,!!
  5. Ahhh... I feel the same way ;)
  6. Believe me this board (as well as the LV, Fendi, and Burberry boards) have kept me coming back everyday. So, I feel the exact same way.
  7. This board is totally addicting! I love it and you will too! Welcome!
  8. Welcome! ITA this is a bad influence. 7 LVs and just got my first Coach a month or so ago - love it!!
  9. I completely agree! I have loved Coach for years now and have made my friends that way also without trying but they're not as crazy about it as I am. Here is a whole group of people who are as obsessed with it as I am, I love it!! ;)
  10. We'rea ll very bad enablers. LOL.
  11. LOL
    This site is addicting.
    I love talking about Coach.
  12. ^^^I agree- I love it here, too!:yes:
  13. ooooh sure blame us! :P
    seriously though its a good time to be a coach fan, the company is revising itself, and I'm anxious to see what they will surprise us with next year.
  14. Welcome!!!!!!! I got my 1st coach the other week, joined this site doing a google search and BAM bought another Coach bag last Sunday lol. BTW ignore the trolls or just get em banned ;)
  15. Oh yes, don't you love it? :love: