Bad Influence???

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  1. My sons and I were strolling around the mall today, when my 9 y.o. son yanked my arm and asked, "Mommy, isn't that a Louis Vuitton?" (BTW, he pronounces Louis Vuitton perfectly! I love it!) Anyway, the woman walking in front of us had an Antigua Besace PM. I'm not even familiar with that line!!!

    My 14 y.o. birthday is coming up and a pair of new sunglasses was one of the things he put down on his birthday list. We looked around today and he tried a few Guccis for men. He did not care for any of them and asked if he could try some out the next time we go to LV..:s What have I done!!!
  2. ^LAMO You have created a monster!! ahhh!!! Seriously, though, that is too cute!
  3. LOL that is so cute! Love it! :roflmfao:
  4. lol...
  5. I have one like that too. Today we went to pick up my inclusion key chain and i was looking at the black and the framboise. I asked my hubby which one? and our 11 year old son said, "For which bag?" our SA started cracking up.

    Scaring how influential we are on our kids. I feel sorry for their future spouses!
  6. I think that's sooo cute! Just the other day my daughter asked my DH, "Daddy, can you buy me Louis Vuitton?" Hahaha. Kids are so awesome.
  7. hahaha..

  8. Right, their spouses think they're the ones who will be getting the LVs, they are in for a rude awakening...LOL
  9. lol! That was soo cute! My bro who is 13 is the same. We gave him his first wallet when he was 11! He loves it. Whenever we go to the boutique he comes with us!
    Also now my dad wants an LV wallet! lol!
  10. My teen boy just recently asked for an LV belt......and I honestly dont know how to feel about it.....

    Inside, I do feel that luxury items are for more grown ups...and I just answered, sure someday.....but I did have a thought that had me feel guilty for exposing such things to him at such a age.....:s
  11. Lol yeah I guess I was lucky I never was into designer things when I was little. It was my mom who actually bought me my first "designer" bag which was a Kate Spade when I was 13 or 14. Even then I wasn't too into anything special, my parents were the ones who bought me a couple of things here and there. It actually wasn't until I was 17 that I began to love LV like I do now :lol:
  12. haha!! uh oh!!! at least they'll have great taste and style!
  13. Luv Classics ~ great job! now ur son can definitely help ur DH pick the next LV when May comes around hehe

    rileygirl ~ great tate! He will be a valueable source for ur DH to get the right LV for u in May too! Oh, no worry, his future spouse will Thank You for the 'early education' ;)

    Michelle1025 ~ oh, that's too cute! BTW, how she like her b-day presents so far?
  14. LOL - that is such a cute story! :yes: I'm glad your son appreciates the finer things in life!
  15. :p Funny.....well it doesn´t mean he´ll ask for more LV things than other teens, just sooner !!