Bad idea to call BalNY in the afternoon?

  1. I was going to call BalNY this afternoon to get some photos/place an order, but I know you guys have said that they aren't really willing/able to take photos later in the day b/c they're busy. Should I just wait till tomorrow morning?
  2. Yeah maybe so, they do seem to be busy in the afternoon.
    Try and speak to Kim, I have spoken to some that are useless. I asked a boy (don't know his name) if they had any Magenta limited left he said "sorry we are sold out of everything" so I spoke to Kim afterwards to find out that wasn't true.:cursing:
    Before I had ever felt the 2007 leather I asked someone if the leather was soft to be told no it's "hard and stiff"

    so ask for Kim!!!
  3. Wow, that's some serious attitude!! I tend to get more attention when I call in the morning, but the worst times to call are in the last two hours before closing. You'll probably be okay if you call prior to 5PM EST. I agree that you should ask for Kim or Daphne. Both have been very helpful to me.
  4. Eesh....I don't get out of class till 5 CST (I'm PFing from class....bad!) So I'll call tomorrow morning and ask for Kim. I think people have said Daphne is on vacation.

  5. I think I talked to the same guy last week when I called about the waitlists - he told me that they were not taking names for the F/W waitlists yet (and this was after several people had posted here saying they had been added to the various waitlists). I'll second the :cursing:
  6. Daisy is great, too - very helpful, quick, knows what she's doing. The people who answer the phone are sometimes confuzzled.

    How the SA's keep up with all that's going on with Balenciaga all the time, I'll never know.
  7. I got a guy the other day who was also rude. Apparently, I called after hours and he exclaimed rudely that they were closed.........well why the $#%@ did he answer the phone then. :cursing:

    I spoke with Kim the other day and she seemed very nice. Another lady as well, but I don't know her name. Daphne should be back tomorrow or Friday. Good luck.
  8. I agree - Daisy is very good. For my first order she even called my bank in Bermuda for me - and I just recieved a call today from her concerning another order.

    She's very quick to call back & is very sweet :yes:

    I like Kim too!
  9. For those of you who have had BalNY send them pix - Do you just describe the type of bag you're looking for (style, color, veinyness, etc) and ask them to send you a few pix? I finally came around to buying a more "practical" bbag - ie a black city, but Barney's Chicago has exactly zero black cities. Do you think they'll find it annoying to send pix of a bag as typical as a black city?
  10. ^ no I doubt that just bec. it is a black city they will be annoyed...! They are used to people asking for pics! Esp, black is such a staple classic that u can always turn to...I would think u would want one in the best leather possible! I do when I finally get around to purchasing a black city which is always on my wishlist!
  11. Thanks Mint :smile:

    I just feel a bit silly asking to see pix of a black city...! I am excited to add this 'staple' like you said to my collection, it's long overdue.
  12. Have you ordered from them before? If you have then you make sure that they know that you've purchased from them before.

    And if you haven't chances are they'll send you one photo...but definitely not several.

    Daisy is great and she's very friendly in person...I love Daphne...Terri is better in person than she is over the phone...but I like her also.
  13. Busy? I just don't see it. When I was in there on Friday there wasn't a soul there. I was there for probably about a 1/2, and only one other person came in. It is not in a very popular area of town, about a mile from anything really worth seeing. The guy who sold me my Day, whose name I did not catch, wasn't particularly friendly, but he was efficient, it only took two days for it to arrive from there to Chicago.
  14. By one photo- do you mean one photo w/several bags side by side? Otherwise it's pretty useless to me...argh. Wish I could just buy it locally...but Barney's has such a miserable stock here.
  15. I ordered from the guy yesterday I think his name is whyt? anyways it took him 3 hours and he still didn't call me back then today I found out he charged me for 1195 when it should have been 1095 for a twiggy. I am not ordering from this guy again.