Bad idea? LoL

  1. I have a bag from 2004 and now the suede is really dirty. I've tried to clean it but no success.

    I see the same bag on eBay and now I'm entertaining the idea of getting it since it's clean there.

    I'm thinking is it worth it or should I just get over the fact it's dirty and just to save my money for something brand new from the store.
  2. why dont you take the one you have to a dry cleaner and have it professionally cleaned? then it would be like new and it would be cheaper than buying a new one
  3. yeah or try the nail file trick
  4. I agree. See if a professional can do something.
  5. How much do dry cleaners normally charge? I've never been to one before.

    I actually found the nail file trick here and it didn't help too much :sad:

  6. It cost my sister around $80 to have her suede satchel cleaned. She also had to drive an hour away to a special cleaners.
  7. My manager at Coach says that dry cleaning the bags can sometimes make the inside liner not fit correctly anymore and that the bag is never the same-- she cautioned me against it. But I've never done it so I don't know! If it's your favorite bag you could get the one off eBay... how much if you don't mind me asking?
  8. I've dry cleaned two bags before with no problem. One was a gallery tote and one was a hobo
  9. if you buy a new one it's just going to eventually get dirty again -- :sad:
  10. Aw yeah.. that's the one reason I avoid suede. I know it'll get dirty and I'd always have to be careful about where I set it down or if it was going to rain etc. Hopefully the dry cleaners will be able to get your bag looking nice and new again!
  11. I have an absolutely gorgeous winter white suede fringe large hobo from years ago that I wore a got dirty and I have tried to clean it to no avail. Coach offered to pay for suede cleaning, but said it would void the warranty on the bag, so I didn't do it just sits in my closet looking sad. I have thought about dying it grey or something, because it is a gorgeous bag. I don't buy suede anymore.