Bad Homes? Sorry, loong post ^_^;

  1. Hub and I have been searching for our lovenest since we'll be getting married in about 3 weeks time but fortunately, our housing agent is pleasant and patient with our requirements but to cut the story short, she introduced us to an apartment over the weekend whereby the owners were going thru a divorce. Not a great intro to give to potential homebuyers but it had great view(18th floor), breezy, spacious for 2 dogs and their messy owners! :P

    The problem was, this house had a weird feeling to it, just a reaallly peculiar bad aura about it the moment we stepped into it. It just made us feel uneasy and we could tell our agent was trying her best to make us feel good about it even though she didn't seem to at ease herself. The apartment was gorgeous but even with all the windows open with the breeze and the sunshine, it was still peculiarly dark in an indescribable way.

    Now the worse was when we got to the Master bedroom, I just felt my hair stand(My hairs are standing right now while I'm typing this actually) and it just felt cold in the room even with the sun shining in. It was just weird, I've never ever felt this way viewing a house before and it just made me feel depressed and scared viewing the place. Hub sort of felt I was feeling really uncomfortable and quickly ended the session with an excuse. Later on in the car, he told me he felt the same. Like the whole house was shrouded in some sort of weird aura.
    The place was going for a great price considering location, view etc but of course, we had to pass it up since it was REAAALLLLY uncomfortable no matter how good the price was.

    Later on, my agent came clean with me and told me that the owners of the apartment was not only going through a divorce but were bankrupted as well and the ex-wife went through a miscarriage a few mths before the bankruptcy happened. My agent also claimed that it was supposed to have been sold but 2 buyers forfeited their deposits at the last moment and were too scared to buy because their geomancers told them it was a home with very bad fengshui.

    Do you guys believe such homes do exist and has anyone here had a similar experience? Would any of you buy such homes?
  2. Okay, I haven't experienced this at someone's house, but there is a building in the Philadelphia area that totally gives me the creeps. However, I know that someone was murdered there in the 1990's and supposedly in the 1700's as well. A and E channel even did a documentary on it. I used to pass the building everyday on my way home from work, with my old job. It has supposedly changed owners many times. It is now being converted to a community center of some sort. I would never go there.
    I don't know about fengshui, but I believe in gut feelings.
  3. YES! About 3 years ago we found a grand Craftsman 2 blocks from the water. It had that strange feel to it. We put in an offer, but I kept up with that strange sad vibe. Make a long story short, the couple's little girl had died from hairy cell leukemia, in the home. We broke escrow 2 hours before it was to close. I could not do it. Then, someone else bought it and we saw a "for rent" sign on the lawn 4 months later. Right now, it is empty. Go with your gut feeling!!!!!
  4. That's creepy..
    Always go with your gut feeling. I wouldn't step foot back in that new age AMITYVILLE HORROR. I don't care how reasonably priced the house is, KEEP SEARCHING!!!
  5. yea i believe in bad homes/etc... usually a spirit or something sticks around and causes such things to occur.

    usually for asians, before we get a new place/house/etc on our own as a married couple, we get a buddhist monk (given that the family is buddhist) in to bless the place and ward off all bad spirits/etc. then place a lil mirror over the front door and that wards off all bad ghosts/etc.

    if when that occurs, and it still has a weary feeling or whatever, THEN we consider the place a bad place.
  6. ditto, go with your gut feeling. i've been going to open houses lately and sometimes they just feel WEIRD!!! even if you can't put a finger on it. If you're not in love with it from the moment you step in, I don't think it is a guarantee that you'll get more comfortable or learn to love it more with time... find something you're totally comfortable with that doesn't have a bad feel to it. good luck with your search!
  7. eee that's creepy. I'd never buy a house that made me feel creepy.
  8. Oh, I do! I've been to many, many open houses and while some of them look great on paper, as soon as I step in, I know something isn't right. Some of the houses gives me creeps BEFORE I even step in, and that gut feeling usually continues as I tour the interior of the house.
  9. I've only felt that way towards people but haven't experienced that with houses, at least I don't think so? That's kinda scary in weird sort of way :hrmm:...I think I would've done the same thing! Listen to your strong intuitions.
  10. I'd say go with your instinct. If you have a bad feeling about the house, don't get it.
  11. I haven't been to a house like that yet but I have been to places like that. Go with your gut feeling.
  12. YES! I totally believe in these things!

    My friend in high school lives in this apartment building in a decent area. My first time visiting him, I was in the lift when I felt 'something'. When I went to his flat, it just got worse and I had to make up an excuse to leave early because it just felt too uncomfortable.

    The next day at school, I told him what happened. That's when he confessed that there was 'something' in that building and in his flat. Apparently, he had been taking a nap home alone one day and when he woke up, his closet door, which was closed before, was wide open and the contents of his closet had spilled out. He also some other odd things that happened and he could never come up with an explaination.

    So yeah, I believe there are certain houses with bad auras or bad 'somethings'. Keep looking! You'll find a beautiful flat for you and your husband!!
  13. As a real estate agent, I always tell clients to go with their gut feeling on a house. If it doesn't feel right, just walk right on out.

    So do I ever feel this way about a house? Oh my. I'd say at least half of the houses I enter make me uncomfortable to some extent, and yet, I know they honestly appeal to others. As an agent, I'm constantly struggling to keep my own values from influencing clients.
  14. That sounds scary. Go with your instinct. You can't live in a house like that. I do believe in bad energy and spirits. I don't want to sound silly but I think the house is cursed.
  15. Yea, me and hub feel the same way abt the house being cursed. :sad:

    Agent just called and said they were desperate to sell and kept asking us for an offer. Hub has already politely declined twice, seems they really are eager to get it off their hands. :sad:

    Now I'm reminded of Amityville... *_*