Bad Hermes sellers - need your help...

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  1. I started a sticky at the top of ebay sellers who sell fake Hermes bags. I closed it because I don't want trolls popping up here to comment on whatever might be listed there and making a stink about defending it. If you see a fake bag :throwup: on ebay, please help us out by noting the seller and posting it here or pm'ming me or another mod to add it to the master list.
    Also, if you want help in authenticating a bag, please check this list FIRST before you post authentication questions. Hopefully, we'll end up with a good list and many questions will already be answered.

    I'm personally tired of the fake bags and the scammers and want everyone here to be able to buy safely.

    Help me cut through the :censor: :censor: please!!!
    Many Thanks! GT :flowers: :flowers:
  2. You betcha. I'll come up w/ a list and will FWD to you as soon as I can (cleaning up kitchen and browsing/posting was tough this morning LOL). I have a whole PAGE full on my eBay blocked bidders (some are sellers) list! Mwahahahahahaha!
  3. OT ROCKS!! Thanks!!!
  4. thank you, thank you!:love: :flowers:
  5. Well, here is one: Monaco Babe (now on ebay under a different name) and Haley's Couture are the same scam. You can send me a post privately or on the forum for reasons why...I've seem them both offer the exact same bags at the exact same time and have somewhat proof of this being the case. They are the same scam...
  6. got it - thanks!!!
  7. OKay, all of these^^ are up. Thanks!!
  8. ^Hmmm, I need to check this one out.
  9. There's a couple of things that make me lean towards fake.....
  10. ^^Blech. This one is on there ASAP! Thanks!
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Not open for further replies.