Bad haircut?

  1. I went to W's salon in santana row to get my hair done a few days ago (SO overpriced, but I should have known!). She gave me blond highlights when I wanted brown, and the bangs are hard to style everyday. I didn't think it would be that much considering she only gave me half highlights. I wanted to cry! My friend was with me and said I should just complain to them, but I didn't want to cause a scene. Would you pay the salon if you were unsatisfied with your hair?

    And any salon recommendations in san jose? I need to fix my poor hair! :sad:
  2. As a hairdresser, I want to advise you to call them and ask to speak to an owner or manager,and then calmly and politely explain why the experience was bad in detail,and ask them to fix it for no cost. It is their responsibilty to do so. And specifically ask for a different stylist,perhaps even ask to come in when the stylist who did your hair is not there. They may not fix it,but the majority of salons will. I personally would specify I would like the owner or manager to fix it.(if the owner is an established stylist) Good luck!
  3. ^ITA!
    I got a bad color and cut from a reputable salon and decided to give it 24 hours. . . I wanted to wash it and style myself before I complained and just as I thought, it was BAD!
    I called, spoke to the manager and got a new cut and repair color free of charge.
    YOU HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE, you won't get it unless you ask.
  4. I would never pay for a hair cut or color that particulary want. Definitly bring this issue to the manager. So sorry about your hair.